Physical Therapists Using Clinical Analysis To Discuss The Art And Science Behind Running and The Stuff We Put On Our Feet

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Doctors of Running Podcast
New episodes each Wednesday, Clips on YouTube Weekly.

Welcome to the DOR Podcast! In this podcast we will be giving evidence-based deep dives into running related topics as well as detailed running shoe review. Make sure you follow us on Anchor, Apple Podcast, Spotify and/or YouTube for all the latest episodes!

Recent Episodes

#166: Mailbag! | Link
(How Long Do Shoes Last? How Do I Stay Healthy During Marathon Training? and the Best Stability Shoes for Race Day)

#165: Runner's Guide to Achilles Tendinopathy |
(Matt discusses how to monitor and rehab the Achilles)

#164: The Science of Cardiology for Runners |
(Dr. Tamanna Singh dives into heart issues for runners)

#163: Great, But When Can I Run Again? | Link
(Breaking Down Various Injury Timeframes for Returning to Running)

#162: Stable for Who? |
(We Rank Shoes By Stability and How it Varies for Runners)

Team Favorites
We're not supposed to have favorites, but these are really special episodes you should catch

#154: Ashley Mateo, Running Journalism | Link
(Running journalist Ashley Mateo joins for a conversation on sources)

#138: The Latest Findings on Super Shoes | Link
(Geoff Burns and Dustin Joubert share research on super shoes for slower runners)

#123: Amelia Boone, 4x World Champion in Obstacle Course Racing |
(Andrea and Megan have a fun and insightful conversation on OCR, injuries, and eating disorder with the Queen of Pain, Amelia Boone)

#111: Mastering the Art of Running Over 40
| Link

(Digging into Chief Editor Matt Klein's academic work, he and Andrea discuss the science of running at an older age. They cover a lot of ground from injuries to injury prevention.)

#95/96: Science of Footwear Design/Biomechanics with Saucony | Link (95)/ Link (96)
(In these episodes, we got a chance to speak with the footwear designers at Saucony to go in-depth on the design process there year-in and year-out. High level conversation on shoe design!)

#83: The Truth about Midsole Foams | Link
(In a two part episode, we spoke with researcher Geoff Burns about his extensive knowledge on midsoles. The two episodes are filled with information on foam science and how they've played a role in reshaping the industry)

#82: The Science of Nutrition and Training for Women | Link
(We bring on RDN Jennifer Giles and trainer, coach, and athlete Selene Yeager to talk about the science of training for women. It's a jam-packed, informational episode that we still talk about to this day.)

#79: Does More Cushioning Lower Injury Risk? | Link
(We brought running injury researcher Laurent Malisoux on for an insight conversation about his research into footwear its impact on runners.)

Beginner Episodes

Check out these episodes for the best beginner tips for new runners

#114: How to Pick a Running Shoe for Your Next Race Day | Link
(The team talks about the decision-making process in picking a running shoe for you to use in a variety of race settings.)

#99: The Run Retail Episode: How to Shop at Your Local Store | Link
(Matt and Andrea go indepth about things you can do to prepare yourself to buy the right shoe at the running store, whether your first time or even an experienced runner. Also catch the follow-up episode that goes further in-depth here.)

#101: Beginner's Guide to Recovery | Link
(In this episode we bring on Ryan Wooderson to talk about the science of recovery and the fundamentals every runner should know about.)

#130: All Your Training and Racing Questions, Answered | Link
(Guest Elisabeth Scott of Running Explained joins us for a fun conversation)

#129: Using RUN-CAT to Find the Right Shoe for You |
(In this Matt solo episode, he talks about why RUN-CAT is a powerful tool for runners)

#157: Shoe Rotations! | Link
(David breaks down how to build a shoe rotation

Injury Science
Check out these episodes where we went deep into the science of specific injuries.

#152: Bloodwork, Biomarkers, and Vitamins for Runners | Link
Doctors Liz Herman and Jared Pistoia break down the science of our blood)

#149: Running with Scoliosis |
(Dr. Jeanne Halloran shares her expertise on working with scoliosis patients)

#145: Managing Running Anxiety around Injuries, Training |
(Mental Health Consultant Shannon Thompson joins to share strategies)

#131: The Truth about Plantar Fasciitis | Link
(What you need to know and probably even more than what you need to know about PF)

#113: The Truth about Shin Splints | Link
(Our team demystifies the elusive injury)

#102: Is Running Bad for Your Knees? | Link
(It's an age-old saying, "running is bad for your knees." The team breaks down the realities of this myth)

#76: Posterior Tibialis Pain | Link
(We discuss this common runner's pain and offer suggestions on shoes to tackle it)

#70: Achilles Tendons | Link
(Listen in on ways to help recover from this pesky injury.)

Further Reading
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