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DOR Podcast #131: The Truth About Plantar Fasciitis

This episode of the podcast is all about plantar fascia pain. Plantar fasciitis, fasciopathy, fasciosis–it goes by many names, but it plagues many a runner. If you've ever gone looking for solutions online, you're guaranteed to find dozens of possible (and maybe contradictory) "solutions." As we often assert, treatment needs to be individualized, so finding a fix online could be problematic. Nathan, Matt, and DJ take a deep dive into the anatomy of the plantar fascia, mechanisms of stress & strain, risk factors, and more. And, of course, gives some considerations when it comes to shoes. If you've ever had PF pain, we hope this episode will give you a better understanding of what's going on with your pain.

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The Subjective: Have you ever experienced plantar fascia pain? How did you treat it? 

0:00 - Intro 
2:12 - Shoes we're testing 
7:58 - A primer on the plantar fascia 
10:08 - Explaining different terms for plantar fascia pain 
12:52 - The mechanisms that stress the PF 
16:43 - The connection between low arches & flat feet on PF pain 
24:34 - Reducing PF risk factors 
34:38 - PF symptoms and differential diagnosis 
41:40 - How to treat PF pain
53:37 - Shoe considerations 
59:29 - Wrap-up

Video of the Week: Using RUN-CAT to Find the Right Shoe

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