Physical Therapists Using Clinical Analysis To Discuss The Art And Science Behind Running and The Stuff We Put On Our Feet

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DOR Podcast #111: "Mastering" the Art of Running Over 40

In this episode, Matt and Andrea talk all about the art and science of running after 40. They dig into research and their experience working with Masters runners, and provide insight on how to what older runners can do to maintain their running prowess. They cover strategies and tips for strength training, nutrition, workouts, recovery, and more.

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The Subjective:
What's changed in your running as you've aged?

0:00 - Intro
10:00 - What changes start to happen to athletes post-30?
20:26 - Addressing the physiological changes that come with aging
25:50 - Matt's PhD work: a systematic review and research on Achilles Tendinopathy
34:39 - Contributing factors to loss of calf strength in older runners
42:36 - Tailoring strength training as you age
47:15 - The benefits of strides & hill sprints
49:50 - When in your routine to add strength training
51:13 - How recovery time changes as you age
58:24 - Specific changes surrounding menopause
1:01:30 - Wrap-up Episode segments

What Orthothics? I'll Do You One Better: WHY Orthothics
By Nathan Brown

To start, let's look at what some of the research says about the impact of insoles and orthotics on injury prevention and rehabilitation. Little research within the world of orthotics/inserts is done with healthy runners but typically is related to specific conditions or people who already have pain. Even less research is performed on the actual sock liners. But what has been found? In non-runners who have heel pain, the use of either custom or pre-fabricated orthoses have been shown to help with short-term pain relief, particularly for those who have responded well to taping techniques to support the medial arch (Hawke et al, 2008; Lee et al, 2009; Landorf et al, 2008). Some also have had benefits up to 1 year for pain relief, with no evidence for benefits of orthotic use beyond that time for plantar fascia pain. So even if you temporarily use orthotics or inserts for the sake of pain relief, it's not something you likely will need for life, but just a tool for short-term use.

Learn more here.

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