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DOR Podcast #129: Using "RUN-CAT" to Find the Right Shoe For You

This episode is all about finding the the right shoe for you. Options these days are endless and often advice found online or instore can be misinformed or just not helpful. Dr. Matthew Klein shares from his running shoe experience to help you find the right footwear. One of the best tools out there is the RUN-CAT which gives you five simple criteria to help you evaluate new shoes. Matt gives you a background on the RUN-CAT and a primer on how to effectively use it, whether you're shopping for shoes, a clinician, or work in run retail.

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0:00 - Intro 
2:24 - Matt's journey into running shoes 
4:40 - Assessing your need for stability in your shoes 
8:05 - Enter the RUN-CAT 
12:26 - The four components of the RUN-CAT 
18:44 - Combining shoe comfort with individual biomechanics 
27:30 - Wrap-up

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