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DOR Podcast #76: Best Shoes for Posterior Tibialis Pain

In this week's podcast, Nate, Matt, and David discuss the tibialis posterior, including its role in the gait cycle, how it can get irritated or injured, and what shoes may be best for dealing with tib post pain. They also take an in depth look at Saucony's latest refresh of the cult classic Kinvara, version 13. Finally we share our latest DOR Giving: City On a Hill in Milwaukee, WI.

Editor's Note: read our full guide to current shoes for Posterior Tibialis

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1:10 - Intro DOR Giving: City On a Hill
3:52 - The Subjective: Biggest running goals for 2022
10:22 - Tibialis Posterior Pain: anatomy and causes
25:38 - Best Shoes for Tibialis Posterior pain
33:20  - Saucony Kinvara 13 Review
44:26 - Saucony Kinvara 13 Comparisons
57:02  - Closing

Science Blog:

Pronation, and the Function of the Posterior Tibialis
By Contributor Megan Flynn

Pronation is important in shock absorption. When the foot accepts forces upon landing and loading, the posterior tibialis muscle is responsible for eccentrically controlling navicular drop. This controlled drop allows the midfoot to adapt and distribute forces evenly and gradually. When this is restricted by an excessive medial post, this gradual force acceptance is limited and forces may not be distributed evenly leading to a focal point of absorption elsewhere. In my case, the natural midfoot motion during pronation was blocked by the post, therefore not allowing for my normal distribution of forces. For me, the forces accepted on loading were shifted to the talocrural joint in the Saucony Omni 20 because the midfoot was not going through its usual mechanics. However, there are some cases in which this limitation is beneficial. If someone is experiencing pain related to the posterior tibialis, likely due to poor eccentric control and strength in the muscle, a medial post could serve as an appropriate way to decrease strain on this muscle.

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