Physical Therapists Using Clinical Analysis To Discuss The Art And Science Behind Running and The Stuff We Put On Our Feet

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DOR Podcast #110: Tips, Tricks, and Treats to Shopping in Run Retail | Solo Adventures with Matt Klein

Looking for your first running shoe can be intimidating with so many options avilable, and sometimes it can be hard to find the help you need at a running store. DOR Founder Matt Klein takes from his years of experience working in running stores to give you tips & tricks to finding your first pairs of running shoes. He'll also share some red flags and warning signs to avoid when shopping for shoes.

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The Subjective:
What's something you wish you knew about running shoes earlier in your running journey? 

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This week's sponsor is Running Warehouse, and they've got some really great apparel in to get you ready for anything, whether it's raceday or cool weather running. We are huge fans of rabbit running gear. We talk about it all the time in our chats about how soft and comfortable it is. If you are looking for Fall gear, rabbit's ez long sleeve is one of absolute favorites. We reviewed it two winter seasons ago and are still using it to this day because of how well they've held up and soft they remain. Head over to to check out what they have.

0:00 - Intro
3:28 - The Subjective: what's something you wish you knew about
running shoes earlier in your running journey?
5:16 - Where to start as a new runner
8:39 - Start simple
14:43 - Using the RUNCAT to assess shoes
20:54 - Start with a basic daily trainer
23:53 - How to assess the fit of an upper
26:04 - Cushioning: more isn't necessarily better
28:50 - Foot tests aren't very useful
31:35 - Don't let a running store sell you an orthotic
33:56 - Don't let a running store diagnose your injuries
37:58 - Wrap-up

Let's Walk
By Chief Editor Matt Klein 

Walking is (usually) the primary form of transportation for human beings, and a large number of people utilize walking as an effective and main form of aerobic exercise. While many people run for recreation, sport, transportation and more, walking remains the most common exercise and movement throughout the world.  Even when evaluating runners, looking at evaluating walking gait is a great place to start to begin to understand how someone moves. While we know that the most important movement to look at is the one that is the priority of the patient and the one that causes symptoms, walking gives an initial glimpse how how someone uses their body.  If you've spent any time following our work, you've heard us say that shoes are secondary to working on our own mobility, strength, and neuromuscular control. Therefore before we talk about shoes, we have to talk about the demands of walking, and how it differs from running.

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