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Bloodwork, Biomarkers, and Vitamins for Runners
Doctors of Running Podcast, Episode 153

Bloodwork, vitamin levels, and other biomarkers can be confusing, so on this episode Andrea is joined by Dr. Liz Herman, ND and Dr. Jared Pistoia, ND to break down the science of our blood. They explore how getting our bloodwork done as athletes can differ from the average person. They take a look at creatine kinase, blood glucose, anemia and more. They also dive into the critical role of vitamins (D, B12) and minerals like iron and calcium. Finally, they discuss the differing hormone changes both women and men experience as they age, and how to address those changes. If you've ever wanted to learn more about your blood, tune in!

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0:00 - Intro
2:46 - Introducing Dr. Herman
4:36 - Introducing Dr. Pistoia
7:12 - Why get bloodwork done?
12:09 - The role of creatine kinase
15:10 - The most common abnormal bloodwork findings in endurance athletes
16:13 - Do males & females require different types of tests?
18:24 - How to treat abnormal levels
22:28 - Defining and treating anemia
27:10 - The role of ferritin
31:15 - Iron-rich foods & supplements
40:18 - The importance of calcium for athletes
45:47 - Addressing Vitamin D levels
49:09 - Ideal blood calcium levels & supplementation
52:55 - The function of Vitamin B12
1:01:07 - Hormone testing for women
1:05:15 - Hormone changes in men as they age
1:07:45 - Wrap-up

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