Physical Therapists Using Clinical Analysis To Discuss The Art And Science Behind Running and The Stuff We Put On Our Feet

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Welcome to our Running Science section where you will find all things related to footwear science and biomechanics. Each article delves into a specific topic written by our team at Doctors of Running. You can also find our Performance and Rehab content at the end of the page!

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An Evidence Based Literature Review of PEBAX and Carbon Fiber Shoes
In this feature, Chief Editor Matt Klein digs into an examination of PEBAX foam and it's influence on super shoes today.

PEBAX Shoes and Carbon Fiber Plates, a 2022 Update
Matt Klein revisits his literature review to see what new research has brought.

Beginner's Guide to Running Shoes
Our team provides insight on what beginner's should think about when getting their first running shoes and offer some recommendations.

Running Shoe Research Archive
Our home for running research articles for a variety of categories.

Forefoot Arch Support
Yes, there's regular mid to heel posts, then there's the rare breed of forefoot support. Learn who needs forefoot arch support and what shoes have tried to do to handle it in this feature by Chief Editor Matt Klein.

Maximal Running Shoes and Recovery
It's all the rage, max cushioning shoes. It's been a fast movement in recent years to high stack height. Editor Matt Klein delves into the science of stack as we know it today, both good and bad.

Midfoot Arch Support and the Posterior Tibialis
Posts have long been the staple of the running shoe industry for stability. Find out why in this overview of arch support by Editor Matt Klein.

Running Shoes for People with Haglund's Deformity
I frequently reference whether shoes have heel counters in my reviews and thought it might be helpful to create a centralized list for those looking for shoes that may work with sensitive heels.

Should I Wear Orthotics?
Our team answers a question on orthos and discusses some basic tips every runner using them should know.

Outsole Wear Patterns
They actually aren't quite telling you what you think. Learn about the known science behind outsole wear patterns in this feature by Editor Matt Klein.

Posterior Heel Flare/Curve
Find out what a heel flare is and what it contributes - positively and negatively - to a shoe for runners.

Rocker Soles/Shoes
Rockers have become an essential part of many shoes today, particularly aggressive racing shoes. They have their benefits, not just for speed, but for various health conditions. Find out more in this feature by Editor Matt Klein!

Running Shoe Fit 
It's one of the hardest questions for a new runner: does my shoe fit? We put together a guide to help you answer that question.

Sole Flare
New runners most likely don't have any idea what we're talking about when we say sole flare. Find out what they are how this important growing feature in shoes provides some much needed support.

Toe Spring
The aggressive nature of toe springs not only help facilitate forward motion for runners, but can aid a variety of people through a motion during certain injuries.

Body Weight Support Training (New)
In this running science feature, we talk about alternative forms of training during injury recovery.

Stable Neutral Shoes (Video)
We discuss what we mean by Stable Neutral Shoes, a category of shoes in between neutral and stability thanks to unique design mechanics.

Guide to Training in Super Shoes (Video)
We discuss strategies for strength training to help new and old runners adapt to using super shoes efficiently.

High vs Low Drop Footwear (Video)
What does high and low drop shoe due to our legs on a daily basis? We answer that and more.

The Science of Zero Drop Shoes (Video)
We explore the pros and cons of running in a zero drop trainer.

Maximalist vs. Minimalist Shoes (Video)
We explore the differences between super high and super low stack shoes and the pros and cons for runners. Variety is key!

Best Running Shoes for Kids and Elders (Video)
What should a minor or elder consider wearing? We dig into that question and offer some recommendations based on our clinical experience.

Shoes for Larger Runners (Video)
We dispel some myths about runner size and shoes and provide some recommendations for larger runners. TLDR: Don't let the world limit what you can run in. Comfort first.

More on Rocker Sole Shoes (Video)
We go further in-depth of rockers with a full podcast discussion with the team.

Best Carbon Plated Shoes Based on Running Economy (Video)

We talk to researcher Dustin Joubert about his study exploring running economy of today's super shoes.

Why Overtraining is a Big Problem Today (Video)
Coach Dave Ames talks about the issue with overtraining today and what runner's should consider in their everyday running.

Impact of Uppers (Video)
What is the impact of uppers for a running shoe? We often feel this part of the shoe gets overlooked. Find out why in this full discussion.

Common Tapering Mistakes for the Marathon (Video)
Coach Dave Ames helps us go through some classic mistakes he's seen runners make prior to their race day.

Carbon Fiber Super Shoe Comparison
In this feature we compare a variety of "super shoes" and cover who they may or may not work for.

Welcome to the Running Performance and Rehabilitation section of Doctors of Running. Here you will find all things physical therapy, biomechanics and movement related. Have any questions? Shoot us an email at

Note: While we strive to provide as much info on running rehab here, we highly encourage you to see your local physical therapist for direct treatment and assistance with recovering from injuries. Feel free to send us a message if you need help finding a PT.


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