Physical Therapists Using Clinical Analysis To Discuss The Art And Science Behind Running and The Stuff We Put On Our Feet

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Back in May, the Doctors of Running team made their way to Boston, Massachusetts to work on some content with Saucony for their brand new model: The Tempus. Check out the following content from our trip and come back daily this week to catch new videos and more!

Meet the Tempus | Video Produced by Saucony


Find our full review of the Saucony Tempus here.

Shop the Saucony Tempus here.

DOR Podcast #95: The Science of Designing Running Footwear, Featuring Andrea Paulson

For our first of two special episodes, Matt is joined on the podcast by a special guest: Andrea Paulson from Saucony. Andrea gives us an inside look into shoe research and development at Saucony. Matt & Andrea discuss the shifting views on shoe stability and how new shoes like the Saucony Tempus are looking to help the runner. She gives a scientific history of midsole foams and a preview of where innovation is taking them, and much more.

Listen to This Week's Podcast Here!

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About Andrea Paulson

Andrea Paulson is the Vice President of Product Engineering & Human Performance at Saucony. She leads different, yet connected, divisions that work on every aspect of shoe design, construction and future innovations, as well as biomechanical testing, gathering performance & personal preference data.


0:00 - Introduction 
3:59 - Defining shoe stability and how it's changing 
7:49 - New ways of addressing stability with the Saucony Tempus 
12:04 - Midsole foam history & development 
26:58 - Accounting for individuality in shoe design 
33:50 - Foam science & innovation 
41:36 - The complexity of shoe design & supply chain 
45:24 - Does footstrike really matter? 
49:12 - Foam compression durability 
55:14 - Endorphin Pro 3 sneak peak 
57:46 - Wrap-up


Our Visit to Boston!


How are Materials Tested at Saucony?


Photos from Boston

Throughout this week we'll be releasing content from our trip to Boston! Look forward to more videos and bonus features from us and the team at Saucony.

All. The. Shoes.

Discussing the making of the Tempus

The lab setup for product testing

Nathan things

Putting David through the ringer


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