Doctors of Running (formerly Kleinruns DPT) began as a way for me (Matt Klein) to share my thoughts and learn more about my major interests: footwear, biomechanics, physical therapy, rehabilitation, running and performance.  It continues to evolve to this day to meet the needs of those who contribute, those who read/visit and those looking for assistance.

Matthew Klein, PT DPT OCS Chief Editor and Founder of Doctors of Running
Kaiser Southern California Manual Therapy and Sport Fellow

Dr. Klein began this blog as a Doctor of Physiotherapy student attempting to make sense of the world and share it with others.  He is a 1:11:11 half marathoner and 14:45 5k runner who runs 70-100 miles per week.  Matt has been running for almost 10 years, was an accomplished DIII runner including being the 2012 NWC 10,000m Champion and continues to compete at a moderate to high level.  He graduated from Western University of Health Sciences in 2016 with his doctorate, passed boards the same year  He completed his orthopedic residency at Casa Colina in 2018 and is currently completing a Manual Therapy and Sport Fellowship at Kaiser Los Angeles Medical Center in Southern California.  He has extensive history in the footwear world, working in the running industry for years prior to becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  He has participated in and written research on footwear and running and continues to discuss and learn about those and more.  He currently consults for several footwear companies helping with the development of shoes with appropriate biomechanics in mind.  

He will continue to write about his experience as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, runner and footwear geek.  This will include a great deal of shoe reviews, training/racing updates, things he learns in clinic, exercises he is experimenting with, research and more.

As an extra, he is a talented fiddle player and composer with several tunes published in the Portland Collection volume 3.

Road and Track Race PRs
3K: 8:53 (2013)
5K: 14:45 (2013)
8K: 24:51 (2012)
10K: 31:36 (2012)
Half Marathon: 1:11:11 (2014)

Thank you for reading and feel free to reach out!

Feel free to contact me at doctorsofrunning@gmail.com