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The Maximal Shoe Episode | Biomechanical Impacts, Training in Super Shoes
Doctors of Running Podcast, Episode 155

This episode is all about that max stack. With almost every shoe coming in with a midsole thicker than 30mm, it's becoming hard to define what "maximal" even means, but Nathan, Matt, and David will give it a shot. They take a look at the research on maximal shoes and how it applies to today's offerings. They also argue about what shoes even count as max-stack trainers these days (and what about once you get above 40mm?). They also explore the impact of today's shoes' large amount of cushioning on a runner's biomechanics. Finally, they discuss some of the latest findings on super shoes and how we should think about training in them.

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0:00 - Intro
  1:06 - The Subjective: how do you balance life, family, work, and running? 
10:15 - What are the first things that come to mind when you hear "maximal trainer"? 
16:59 - How does softness play into the maximal discussion? 
18:59 - The biomechanical impacts of compliant foams & rockers 
22:52 - Is stack height the defining factor in the maximal category? Some case studies  33:37 - Defining "maximal shoe" 
48:47 - Thoughts on training in super shoes 
58:55 - Wrap-up

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