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DOR Podcast #152: The Truth about Hamstrings

This episode is all about the hamstrings. Often a source of pain and frustration for many a runner, Nathan & David take a deep dive on one of the most important muscle groups in the running cycle. After an overview of the anatomy and common injuries of the hamstrings, they answer your questions covering subjects such as proximal hamstring tendinopathy, the effect of zero drop and carbon plated shoes, stretching, and more. Finally they offer strategies to avoid injury and maintain strong, healthy hamstrings.

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This week’s episode of the Doctors of Running Podcast is sponsored by our friends at Running Warehouse. Make sure you head over to YouTube to catch the second episode of their new series, Test Run, where they put their team through a series of challenges to help showcase what kind of activities each shoe was best suited for. Their latest episode is all about versatility. Connor and team brought out some fan favorite trainers of the past year including the Saucony Endorphin Speed, Asics Novablast 3, Hoka Clifton 9, and New Balance Rebel v3 to see where each shoe excelled. Check out the results of their test by heading over to Running Warehouse’s channel on YouTube today.


0:00 - Intro 
2:59 - An overview of the hamstring and why it's often injured 
10:31 - Typical pain points and hamstring injuries 
14:28 - How to rehab proximal hamstring tendinopathy 
25:12 - How do zero drop and carbon-plated shoes effect the hamstring 
29:24 - When in running with a proximal or distal tendinopathy hurt the most? 
32:42 - The role of stretching in hamstring injuries 
39:20 - How to maintain healthy hamstrings 
43:31 - Is it "hammie" or "hammy"? 
44:59 - Wrap-up

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