Physical Therapists Using Clinical Analysis To Discuss The Art And Science Behind Running and The Stuff We Put On Our Feet

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DOR Podcast #134: The Biomechanics of Running, featuring Doug Adams

On this episode, Nate & Matt are joined by a very special guest, Dr. Doug Adams. Doug lends us his years of experience and expertise in the mechanics of running. They discuss five typical patterns Doug sees in running mechanics like the "collapser" and the "glute amnesiac." They also talk about how your gait and strength impact your running risk, how mechanics and running economy are linked, and, of course, shoes.

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About Doug Adams

Dr. Doug Adams is a Physical Therapist who has published and spoken at an international level on all things related to running. Doug has taught thousands of professionals his systematic approach to providing personalized plans for runners through the Certified Running Gait Analyst and Endurance Running Coaching courses. He also designed and created a portable 3D Motion Analysis system called Helix 3D for analyzing and categorizing running form that is used widely throughout the Department of Defense and commercial sectors.

You can find him on Instagram at @RunDNASystem and @DougAdamsPT.  

Team PT for Tinman Elite Professional Running Team 
Adjunct faculty for the 711th Human Performance Wing of the US Air Force 
Co-Founder Omega Project PT in Wilmington, Delaware that specializes in treating endurance athletes and runners


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The Subjective: if you were running a half marathon or marathon tomorrow, what shoe would you pick and why?

 0:00 - Intro 
1:42 - Doug's background & work
6:08 - Doug's work with professional athletes 
12:57 - Definining running mechanics 
16:22 - The utility of a running analysis 
28:40 - Five typical running mechanic patterns 
39:14 - Injury risks from each pattern of running mechanics 
43:22 - The relationship between gait retraining and strength training 
47:56 - The impact of running mechanics on running economy 
53:10 - The Duty Cycle's role in injury risk 
58:02 - Can you retrain your own mechanics? 
1:02:40 - Running mechanics considerations with shoes 
1:10:20 - Wrap-up

Video of the Week: How Slow Should My Easy Miles Be?

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