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Sustainable Running Apparel Review: Adidas and Saucony Spring Collections
A Doctors of Running Team Editorial

When it comes to sustainability, clothing was one of the first industries that really took a hold of the concerns regarding waste and sought out ways to start including sustainable elements in designs. This movement has steadily moved into the running and athletic apparel industry as brands seek ways to incorporate renewable materials that bring both comfort and performance into their lineup. In this feature, we review a few new pieces from some of your favorite shoe brands.

Apparel Reviewed
Saucony Stopwatch Short Sleeve
Saucony Outpace 2.5" Split Short
Adidas Own the Run Tee
Adidas Men's Core Run It 5" Shorts

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Stopwatch Short Sleeve
Price: $34 at Running Warehouse
Material: 100% Recycled Polyester

Andrea Myers, Senior Contributor
: I have always enjoyed running in Saucony clothing, specifically because they make nice clothes at more reasonable prices. This short sleeve shirt could easily cost $50+ from other brands, but $34 is a great value for what you get - well fitting, lightweight and breathable material, and high durability. I actually already owned one of these shirts prior to Saucony sending another one to me for testing. The shirt I own is an XS, while the one I received from Saucony is a S. I should be a S according to Saucony's size chart, but I prefer my running tops to fit a little closer so the extra material doesn't get in the way. Those who prefer a closer fitting shirt would do best to size down.

I've done workouts and long runs in this shirt and have no complaints about its fit or performance. The lightweight material nearly disappears while running and it does an exceptional job at wicking sweat without sticking to my skin. I have had no issues with chafing in the shirt and appreciate the reflective logo on the lower front of the shirt, although I would like to see one on the back as well. I also like the look of the shirt - Saucony always has nice color offerings, and the light blue that Saucony sent me is particularly beautiful. There are 10 color options available on their website and there are several other colors that I would love to have. This shirt is a great value and I expect to get many seasons of wear from it. 

Positives: light weight, excellent wicking and breathability, great color options, price
Negatives: fits loose when worn true to size

Shop the Stopwatch Short Sleeve at Running Warehouse here.

Saucony Outpace 2.5" Split Short
Price: $50.00 at Running Warehouse
Material: 86% Recycled Polyester/14% Spandex

Andrea Myers, Senior Contributor:
 While I prefer to run in short tights due to their secure and comfortable fit, I do run in some split shorts, as long as the fabric does not bunch up and cause inner thigh chafing. I was pleased to not experience any chafing with the Saucony Outpace 2.5" Split Short. I received a size small, which is the size I wear in other Saucony shorts, but I found these shorts to fit a little loose in the waistband. Saucony says they are supposed to be mid-rise, but they sat right on my hip bones (ASISs) and felt like they were going to slip down while I was running. This insecure feeling kept me from testing them during harder workouts, because I did not want to worry about my shorts falling down while running fast. If I were buying these, I would size down to the XS. 

Despite the slightly loose waistband, I found the liner to fit comfortably, with no riding up or restriction in hip movement. The shorts have three pockets - a rear zippered pocket that is large enough to hold a couple of gels and keys, and two hidden rear waistband pockets that each can hold a gel. The zippered pocket just barely fits my iPhone SE, but is not big enough for larger phones. You don't often see three pockets in a pair of split shorts, so I am impressed that Saucony designed them this way. I received the Citron color, and I am happy to report that the shorts are not see through, even when sweaty. I am always hesitant to buy light colored shorts for this reason, but the liner provides sufficient coverage in this regard. Despite the fit issue, these shorts are a great value at $50 and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a new pair of split shorts.

Positives: three pockets, well fitting liner, light colored shorts do not become transparent when sweaty
Negatives: fits a little large, none of the pockets are big enough to hold a modern phone

Shop the Saucony Outpace 2.5" Shorts at Running Warehouse here.


adidas Core Run It 5" Shorts
Price: $26.95 at Running Warehouse
Material: 100% Recycled Polyester Plain Weave

Bach Pham, Content Manager:
Even in the spring, it can be viciously hot and humid here in South Carolina. That is why I have grown to really appreciate the Core Run It 5" shorts and its breathability. Besides being a very thin materials, it also features a design adidas calls AEROREADY. My understanding of this is that the material features micro holes throughout the entire product to help you breath from every angle. These shorts definitely deliver in that regard, both through the AEROREADY design and a relaxed fit that allows air to flow through ventilate on the run. Some people may prefer a more fitted design, which means the Core Run It may not be your cup of tea, but if you are looking for a pair of shorts that gives you a high amount of breathability for a relatively low price, this is an excellent option.

The shorts feature two large handpockets and a small internet key pocket. Runners will need a running belt or vest of some kind to compliment the shorts if you want to carry larger items as the hand pockets are large enough that heavier items will definitely be prone to slipping out. These shorts are more about keeping things on the minimal side for performance over utility.

Positives: Thin and super breathable shorts, briefs feel comfortable. Stays dry on the run. Solid price for a higher end pair of shorts
Negatives: Limited pockets. A bit of a relaxed fit which some may prefer, some may not

Shop the adidas Core Run It 5" Shorts at Running Warehouse here.


adidas Spring Own the Run Tee
Price: $31.95 at Running Warehouse
Material: Front: 100% Recycled Polyester Interlock, Back 100% Recycled Polyester Single Jersey

Bach Pham, Content Manager:
The Own the Run Tee first and foremost is clean. I love the preloved blue colorway, which definitely bolsters that the feeling of spring.

Similar to the Core Run It shorts, the Own the Run tee is all about breathability in the form of a shirt. Also featuring the same AEROREADY technology here as in the Run It shorts, the shirt's ventilation was the biggest thing I noticed in testing this tee. It has good wicking on the run, leaving the shirt feel fairly dry from beginning to end of my run, especially surprising on a recent day where things have been quite humid. There are larger ventilation holes in the back, shoulders, and side panels that do a nice job of keeping this short sleeve shirt as breathable as a short sleeve shirt can be.

The Own the Run Tee has a relaxed fit overall, making it feel best for easy day running. It can perform in some ways if you want to take it out in mild temperatures due to its breathability, but if the temperatures allow I'd probably look towards a singlet for workout days first.

Lastly, there's a lot of reflective elements which are always nice to have and in tandem with the blue keeps you fairly visible. 

Positives: Fairly thin and breathable Spring weather. Breathability is high for a tee. Lovely blue color
Negatives: The fit is just a touch on the baggy side, limiting versatility for running

Shop the adidas Own The Run Tee at Running Warehouse here.


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