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DOR Podcast #136: The Science of Running Injuries: Understanding the Training Variables that Impact Your Risk

If you're a runner, chances are you've been injured in the past year. Even with medical advice, it can be hard to know what causes our injuries, but training mistakes can often be a piece of the puzzle. Andrea uses her years of experience as both a PT and a coach to give you some insight into how variables in your training (mileage, pace, etc.) may be affecting your injury risk. She also takes a look at what the scientific evidence says about how training load impacts injury risk. Be sure to listen to learn how to better structure your training so you can keep running consistently!

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Chapters  0:00 - Intro 
2:44 - The training variables that effect running injuries 
7:54 - New runners are at a higher risk for injury 
15:08 - How do changes in training load impact injury risk? 
18:04 - How different training errors pose different types of injury risk 
22:51 - The correlation between past and new injuries
24:03 - How to adjust your training load to reduce your risk 
28:41 - The role of recovery in reducing injury risk
34:02 - How to set your training paces & workouts
37:02 - Consistency is key 
38:30 - Adding a new variable to your training can put you at injury risk
42:39 - Nutrition is critical to strong training 
43:50 - Wrap-up

Video of the Week: Do I Need a Running Gait Analysis?

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