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DOR Podcast #133: Super Shoe Deep Dive: Hoka Rocket X 2 and New Balance SC Elite v3

In this week's on the pod, the team takes a deep dive on two new super shoes, the HOKA Rocket X 2 and the New Balance SC Elite v3. This is HOKA's first real entry into the PEBA game and they've made a great racing shoe! New Balance has made some significant changes to what used to be the RC Elite, featuring their FuelCell midsole and EnergyArc plate technology. Tune in to hear our thorough analysis of each shoe! Finally we wrap up the episode with our current picks for a half marathon and marathon. Be sure to let us know what you'd pick!

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This week’s episode of the Doctors of Running Podcast is sponsored by Running Warehouse. Check out their new series Test Run on YouTube which pits footwear against one another in a variety of conditions to help you better decide which shoe fits your future running needs. Their first episode takes the team to the trails. From rocky trails to high hills to muddy paths, Connor and team are put through the elements in a series of technical challenges to help highlight the best features of each shoe tested. Watch here: 

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The Subjective: if you were running a half marathon or marathon tomorrow, what shoe would you pick and why?

0:00 - Intro 
2:12 - HOKA Rocket X 2 specs & overview 
6:15 - Rocket X 2: Fit 
10:26 - Rocket X 2: Ride & Performance 
17:14 - Rocket X 2: Stability 
32:31 - Rocket X 2: Comparisons 
37:09 - New Balance SC Elite v3: specs & overview 
38:29 - SC Elite: Fit 
46:58 - SC Elite: Ride & Performance 
53:26 - SC Elite: Stability 
59:06 - SC Elite: Comparisons 
1:04:59 - What shoe would you choose for your next marathon and half marathon? 
1:14:16 - Wrap-up

Video of the Week: How Slow Should My Easy Miles Be?

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New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Elite v3

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