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We have made hundreds of videos over the past several years at Doctors of Running, but there's a handful that we keep coming back to as new runners and followers get to know our work. We gathered our eight essential videos to help you better get to know our perspective on things. There are plenty more videos we have in mind as well, which you can find here at our YouTube Channel.

Runner's Essentials: The Ten Doctors of Running Videos You Should Watch
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1. Guide to Training in Super Shoes

In today's video, Matt takes some time to breakdown a few details about super shoes and how you can train into using them as a new runner.

2. The Role that Carbon Fiber Plates Play in Running Shoes

In one of our first videos on the channel, Matt discusses the role of carbon fiber plates in running shoes. Check out our latest research update to learn more.

3. How Do I Know if I need Less Stability?

Stability is always top of mind for our team. Here we breakdown how one knows if they need more or less stability.

4. Do's and Don'ts of Orthotics

We have a lot of reasons we worry about orthotics in the running world. In this video, we get to the core of the reason why. If you'd like to really dive deep into why, you can also check out Nathan Brown's written piece on orthotics to learn more.

5. What is the Impact of High vs. Low Drop Footwear?

Drop is such a highly-discussed thing in the running world. There are differences in what higher vs. lower drop shoes can do, and tons of nuances as well that doesn't make it an easy conversation. We dive deep into those details in this discussion.

6. What are Stable Neutral Shoes?

We defined stable neutral as a new term to help categorize this new subset of shoes that teether between neutral and stability thanks to a growing combination of elements that we are seeing being built into neutral footwear and at the same time being taken away from stability shoes to create this middle category. Learn more in our Guide to Stability.

7. Maximal vs. Minimal Footwear

The minimal phase of running may be over, but also not for many who continue to embrace it today and for those interested. While it has become extremely hard to find, some brands like Xero and the Topo ST remain loyal to the faithful minimalist runners out there. We break down some of the issues in both max and minimal running in this discussion.

8. Shoes for Larger Runners: Myths

We get this particular question a lot about shoes that work well for larger runners. The reality is that it is a much broader playing field than the internet suggests. We dive into why in this video.

9. Best Shoe Attributes for Supinators

We get this particular question a lot about shoes that work well for larger runners. The reality is that it is a much broader playing field than the internet suggests. We dive into why in this video.

10. Best Tips for High School/College Runners

This podcast goes in-depth about injuries we commonly see in this age range and tips we recommend to runners based on our team's experiences.

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