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DOR Podcast #135: Mailbag! Do Some People NOT Respond to Super Shoes, Our Shoe Rotations, Shoe Comparisons, and If Each DOR Member was a Shoe

Time for a Q&A show! This episode is all about your questions. Matt & David tackle questions about everything: toe spring vs. rocker, plated shoes, shoe rotations, injury risks of super shoes, race shoe comparisons, and more. Be sure to stay tuned for the last segment to find out what David thinks each DOR member would be if they were a shoe!

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This week’s episode of the Doctors of Running Podcast is sponsored by Running Warehouse. Check out their new series Test Run on YouTube which pits footwear against one another in a variety of conditions to help you better decide which shoe fits your future running needs. Their first episode takes the team to the trails. From rocky trails to high hills to muddy paths, Connor and team are put through the elements in a series of technical challenges to help highlight the best features of each shoe tested. Watch here: 

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 0:00 - Intro 
3:51 - Shoes with less toe spring but a good forefoot rocker 
11:58 - Are nylon/plastic plated shoes bad for new runners? 
15:02 - What are the best shoes for heavier runners? 
17:22 - David & Matt's shoe rotations 
23:52 - Is it harmful to run in too many different kinds of shoes?
27:58 - Do carbon plated shoes increase the risk for metatarsal fracture? 
31:59 - Shoe options with a good lateral heel bevel 
35:02 - Shoe suggestions with a rocker sole but not too much forefoot stiffness
42:57 - Compare the Endorphin Elite with the Endorphin Pro 3 and the Adios Pro 3 
50:56 - Compare the Propel 4 and the Glideride 3 
54:09 - Are some people super-shoe non-responders? Shoe suggestions for them? 
59:20 - Race shoe recommendations for runners with sensitive forefeet 
1:10:16 - If each DOR member was a shoe, what shoe would they be? 
1:21:06 - Wrap-up

Video of the Week: Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis?

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