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Path Projects Review: Crafting the Perfect Running Clothes
A Doctors of Running Team Editorial

Path Projects is a premium apparel company that aims to provide quality running clothing for any terrain. The clothing is made with runners in mind, placing an emphasis making clothing that is light, moisture-wicking, durable, and protective. Their fabrics feature a lot of stretch for comfort, without overstretching the material, which goes back to the durability and long term use. We tested several of their line to learn more about the brand and offer some of our thoughts on the growing apparel brand.

Path Projects Items Tested in this Review
Path Logo Short Sleeve Shirt
Graves PX Running Shorts
Killiam PX Pant
Wheeler FT Pant (New)
Pyrenees T19 Hooded Long Sleeve
Pyrenees TM7 Long Sleeve (New)

Zion Cap
Rainer Cap
Muir Cap

Note: Path Projects currently focuses on Men's apparel.

Path Logo Short Sleeve Shirt
Price: $28.70 at Path Projects
Material: 74% polyester / 19% tencel / 7% Spandex single jersey

David Salas, Senior Contributor
: The material is very soft on skin and is comfortable for active and lifestyle wear. The fit and dimensions are good throughout and works well for movement. The casual fit dimensions are sound and should work for a good variety of individuals not being too slim or too spacious.

Though comfortable, the material does run on the warmer end. For slightly cooler temps in the 50's or 60's the shirt works well for easy days and could work for workouts and hard efforts as long as it doesn't heat up too much. Being on the Central Coast in California, a lot of the runs are in the 70's and I feel like that's right where this gets a little too warm for those harder efforts. Otherwise a solid option for easy day morning runs. 

Positives: Soft and well-fitting
Negatives: Runs warm for summer temperatures

Cascade SS T-Shirt
Price: $32 at Path Projects
Material: 74% polyester / 19% tercel / 7% Spandex single jersey

Nathan Brown, Senior Contributor: The Cascade is a relaxed-fitting, thin, and soft tee. I have found that this is one of my shirts that doubles best for running and casual wear. The thin material goes well under my dress shirts for work, but it is also very breathable and has not resulted in any chafing while running. Plus, the material does not hold odors after exercise, which again helps with the crossover design. Given the level of softness and stretch of the Tencelite fabric, it has not been restrictive when running or doing other activities like hiking and lifting. Since it is also very thin, it is best for summer running or as a layer in the fall or spring. The only issue with the fit is that it does run a bit long. I prefer my typical size for casual running and as a casual crossover. However, if I wanted to use this shirt for more performance-related running, I may size it down.

Pros: Comfort, versatility, lightweight, anti-odor
Cons: Fits long

Graves PX Running Shorts
Price: $58 at Path Projects
Material: 100% polyester

Bach Pham, Content Manager: The Graves PX is Path Project's most traditional running short, with two zippered pockets, a rear zip pocket, and a zippered key pocket. I found this to be a great easy day, long run short. The material in this pair is a fairly structured throughout rather than loose and freeing like some shorts can be. It can definitely take a beating and is top-notch for those looking for a durable pair to handle trails. The material feels very sturdy and confident. It being structured and keeping form also helps with navigating bushy areas, whereas a looser pair of shorts may get pulled and twisted. Path shorts are somewhat unique in that it is unlined, providing a lot of inherent breathability. Path sells base liners for those who need it, but I found the shorts to feel good as is. Comfort-wise, they are not as soft as a Vuori, but they fit extremely well and you can feel the quality of the technical material through the run. They've held up well to several long runs for me, providing no chafing issues of any kind. The material also does a nice job of wicking on the run and keeping dry.

I found the fit to be true-to-size. It does run a touch slim down the leg. If you have a broader thigh, unless you are looking for a tighter fit, you may want to consider a size up.

The pockets are generously sized. The rear pocket fits my iPhone 12 perfectly and is relatively light on bounce, but a little wiggly for faster workouts. It can hold a bigger phone, but the weight seems like it would be a little much for the integrity of the pants. The pockets all have YKK zippers which feel very satisfying to zip and good durability. There is plenty of room for gels and are easy to access on the move.

Positives: Well-fitting, sturdy, and durable pants perfect for almost any condition. Great rear phone pocket, and sturdy side pockets
Negatives: Not for those looking for minimal or completely free range of movement

Killam PX Pant
Price: $98 at Path Projects
Material: 100% Polyester

Nathan Brown, Senior Contributor: The Killam PX Running pants have become my favorite pants to run in this fall. They are very lightweight and have a very even fit throughout. There is a nice taper to the legs, preventing excess movement of the pant while running. There is just enough stretch in the material so the pants do not feel restricted. The material is a cross between sweatpants and wind pants. This means they give mild wind resistance but are still breathable. It's currently in the 30s (F) and they've been a great option for those mornings and I could see them working well in the 20s as well. Once it drops below that, I would like an additional layer given the breathability. Stylistically, they are more sporty in nature than some of the other athleisure clothing options (like Vuori). 

The storage in the pants is also fantastic. These pants, though I'm using them for road running, have enough pockets available for longer trail runs. There are 5 zipped pockets: two in the front, one in the center in back, and then two lateral back pockets. The center back pocket is big enough to fit an iPhone 12 (what I have) and holds it relatively steady. The rest of the pockets are wonderful for stuffing in some fuel. I've been very impressed and these are my favorite piece that I was sent from Path. For reference, I am 5'10" and 160# and got a size small. The end of the pants sit just below my ankle bones (malleoli) which is perfect for running. Finally, there are zippers at the ankles for easy on/off.

Positives: Lightweight yet a bit of wind resistance, storage versatility, fit
Negatives: Not for very cold weather (unless used as a layer), front pockets have a bit of a small opening

Wheeler FT Pant
Price: $98 at Path Projects
Material: Toray FlexTwill fabric, 100% polyester

Bach Pham Content Manager: The Wheeler FT is Path Projects everyday, anything, anywhere pants. I've tested it for over three months now, using it through workdays, errands, and neighborhood walks and hikes. Upfront, it's a fairly comfortable, simple pair of pants.

The Wheeler fits true to size. I wear a 28 typically, and went with the XS which feels like it fits spot on. There is a little bit of give in that if you fluctuate in weight a little, there's a touch of room, but not a lot. The leg is traditional straight leg. Pants are very much personal preference, but for my tastes I do wish the pants came in a slightly slimmer or skinny fit. They fit a bit larger around my ankles, which are fine for more boot-like footwear, but with my slimmer profile shoes they felt a bit large for me personally. Anyone used to a more traditional khaki or straight-leg jean pants will feel at home here.

The pants are made of a Toray FlexTwill fabric which is decently soft and light. It reminds me of like a very flexible dress pant, but it has some of that technical fabric texture that is slightly squeaky when walking (this improved over time). The material has been durable and hasn't shrunk or changed after repeated washes. The pants really have tackled Fall, Winter days well for me and have been very comfortable for all my activities. They do run a touch warmer, making them most ideal for weather under 55 F (12.7 C) in my experience.

There are four pockets, all with thin, sturdy YKK zippers to keep all your belongings secure. The front pockets carry plenty, but do get a bit bulky with a lot of things from phone to wallet and more in them. If you are a minimalist, these are great, but if you carry a ton of stuff it can get a bit bulging.

The pants overall are high quality and comfortable for the purpose intended. For me, I definitely would prefer a skinnier, or slimmer profile for my figure, but that is a totally stylistic issue. The pants otherwise are a great Fall/Winter ready pant for everyday activities from office to errands to light hiking.

Positives: Quality material, plenty of basic pocket space, high utility for everyday wear to the office and everything inbetween. (I would probably choose grey if I could for higher dress utility)
Negatives: Straight leg is a personal preference that may not be for everyone. Material is on the squeaky side for first few wears.

Pyrenees T19 Hooded Long Sleeve
Price: $72 at Path Projects
Material: 74% polyester / 19% tencel / 7% Spandex single jersey

Nathan Brown, Senior Contributor: Living in Wisconsin, the use of this hoodie will be best for early fall and then in the spring. Once it really cools down, it will probably get used as a layer if at all. The difficulty for use as a layer for me comes from some of the hood and sleeve construction (more on that soon). The hoodie is made of thin and soft material and has an overall relaxed fit. The hood has a turtle neck construction and is nice to prevent some cold air around the neck. However, I've found the hood works best when wearing a hat to prevent the front of the hood from coming down over the face. The left sleeve has an opening for continual access to the watch, and both sleeves have slots for your thumbs to add some warmth to the hands. The sleeves are overall on the longer side so that the thumb holes are easily used. This hoodie is very comfortable and also a great option for casual wear. 

Positives: Very comfortable material, crosses over as casual wear
Negatives: Slightly sloppy hood, bunchy sleeves if you don't use the thumb holes

Pyrenees TM7 Mid Long Sleeve Hoodie
Price: $78 at Path Projects
Material: 93% polyester / 7% tencel jersey 

Bach Pham, Content Manager: The heavier version of the Pyrenees hoodie seen above, this mid-weight hoodie has been perfect for the very mild South Carolina fall and winter. The material is extremely soft to the touch and comfortable both for running and everyday activities. I found the weight ideal for 25-40 F (-3.8 C to 4.4 C), which is the typical average of the short winter season here in the morning. Anything higher and it definitely starts to run warm. Between the midweight Pyrenees hoodie and an undershirt, I've been able to tackle just about any winter day here. Just a simple sub between a short vs. long sleeve shirt to layer underneath depending on the day was the only real adjustment I needed all winter.

The hoodie does feature a left arm watch slot along with two thumb holes which are much appreciated during the early part of cold runs.

I've used the hoodie consistently a few times a week since November and found it to change little in the time after many washes. The Pyrenees still fits true to size. It is a touch loose fitting around the waist, rather than a performance fit. A bit heavier at 10oz, I prefer it for easy day runs. The hood itself is comfortable and very fitted for those who like a tighter fit around the head. I preferred just having the hoodie as more fashion than utility, and felt it dressed very well for everyday errands.

I've honestly used it for just about everything this winter, from running to errands to working from home, and it's handled it all quite well. I believe this will last me many winters ahead and is an easy recommendation for anyone looking for a comfortable hoodie for easy winter running that can also double for everyday activities.

Positives: Soft, comfortable material. Simple grey looks great and overall has proved durable. Price reflects quality here. Minimal logo is a bonus.
Negatives: More of a knock at South Carolina winters not being too cold, but I only get a couple months of good usage out of it here before it is too warm for most of the year. It is just a touch weighty in general and if it could cut an oz while retaining performance, I think it will be just perfect.

Zion Cap
Price: $15.50 at Path Projects
Material: 100% polyester

Bach, Content Manager
: The Zion Cap by Path is aimed to be their lightest model for summer runs. It features a very thin material nestles neatly over head with a medium brim. Breathability-wise, it sits somewhere between the Muir and Badlands cap, using its thinness as the method of breathing. The cap has a very soft touch which feels good even after a longer effort. The Zion, however, is also their smallest model. This model only has a head circumference of 57.8 while the Badlands goes up to 62.5. For me, I had to take it to the almost greatest width to fit over head, and just barely was able to keep the cap on. The velcro does do a good job of tightening and keeping the cap securely on though.

This will be best for anyone with a smaller head and likes a shallow cap fit.

Positives: Very lightweight, breathable cap that will carry you through many summer miles. Dries quickly.
Negatives: Fit is best for those with a smaller head circumference

Muir Cap
Price: $21 at Path Projects
Material: 92% polyester/8% polyurethane fabric

Nathan Brown, Senior Contributor
: I utilize running hats for every run, so I was excited to try out another brand. I have been using Ciele and Fractel hats for a while, but this was my first time in Path. Overall the hat has a slightly larger fit (in overall circumference) than some of of the other Ciele and Fractel hats I've worn. This means that (for me and my small head) the cap does not fit flush with my head but has a bit of a bubble between my hair and the cap around the sides. In terms of depth, it fits very well and sits just above my ears without any pressure. Regardless of the slight bubble around the front, the material is very lightweight, comfortable, and stays secure on my head while running. This material also is a bit more synthetic feeling, which helps contribute to quick drying in warmer weather. The adjustment on the back is velcro, which works fine but is less seamless than a slat adjustment. There are small holes throughout the cap which also makes it breathable.

Positives: Appropriate depth of the cap, lightweight, moisture wicking/quick drying is effective
Negatives: Velcro adjustment on the back, slightly wide fit (for my head)

Badlands Cap

Price: $17.40 at Path Projects
Material: 100% poly micro perforated front and visor

David Salas
, Senior Contributor: The Badlands cap is incredibly lightweight and breathes well. This is definitely a hot weather cap that doesn't hold a lot of moisture when you are sweating. Aesthetics are really nice and the ability to collapse the hat and fit it wherever you need it is a big plus. Flat bill fits nicely and does not feel to wide or narrow.  For me, I found no major negatives. It's become one of my favorite hats for easy days and even workouts sometimes. The only thing I'd note here is that the strap feels a little too long and flaps a little bit. If it was possible to tuck it or just shorten the strap a tad, that would streamline this hat even more so. The adjustability is really easy and convenient to use though. 

Positives: Light and breathable. Quick-drying
Extra strap for adjusting is a touch long and sits out depending on where you have it tightened to. Would be nice if it could be cleaner.

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