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DOR Podcast #112: The Best New Balance Shoes of 2022

New Balance has put out a ton of great shoes in 2022 so let Matt & Andrea take you through a round-up! They picked four of their favorites: the super-stack SC Trainer, More v4, Rebel v3, and the brand new SC Pacer. They break down what makes each shoe unique and how they've fit into their personal rotations. They also take a look at what New Balance has coming down the line later this year and into the next with SC Elite v3 and a redesigned 860v13.

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The Subjective:
What's current favorite New Balance shoe?

0:00 - Intro
4:34 - SC Trainer Review
14:40 - How do you define softness?
19:19 - Fresh Foam More v4 Review
28:56 - Rebel v3 Review
34:13 - How toe spring placement effects the ride
41:11 - SC Pacer long-term review
53:30 - Looking forward to 2023: SC Elite 3, Pacer 2, 860v13
1:02:42 - Wrap-up

Science Feature: The Benefits of Body Weight Support
By Senior Contributor Nathan Brown

First, if someone has Achilles tendinopathy (pain in the Achilles region), it is important to appropriately load the tendon while it heals. This means that a runner will likely need to decrease the loading a bit, but complete removal of load is not necessary. If a runner tries to improve an Achilles tendon issue by resting alone, it will not get better (or it will feel better for a bit, and then the pain will return right after getting back to running). A runner can continue to run as long as they follow the pain monitoring model. However, it may not be possible to run within these parameters overground, and an option like the LEVER system or an Alter-G would be a great option to continue running with decreased loading that keeps you within the rules of the pain monitoring model. If a runner cannot run even with body weight support and follow those rules, that is where the use of a pool would come into play.  

A second scenario would be someone with a bone stress injury. The optimal loading here, unlike in the case of tendons, requires no pain during the activity. If there is pain, the bone will not heal. Therefore early intervention will often be with the use of deep water running. In some cases, an Alter G may be useful given the ability to offload more, but the drawback is that at lower body weight, you have to run at significantly higher speeds to achieve the same cardiorespiratory effects.  

Learn more here.

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