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It's November?? No way. This year has flown by in a hurry. October was as busy as every month this year, with a lot of interesting twists and turns for our team as we look towards the end of 2022. In this Round-Up, we go through a fun new release from Asics along with diving back at some of the big things going on at DOR over the last 30 days.
Ten Things To Check Out From October 2022
at Doctors of Running

1. Meet the Asics Superblast

The supermax, 40mm+ stack height club got a new member yesterday with the introduction of the Asics Superblast. A massive 45mm stacked shoe with an 8mm drop and an impressive 8.4 oz weight, the Superblast provides a huge slab of Flytefoam Blast midsole seen in other popular models. Asics did a nice job providing a lot of width and geometry to provide a stable base for this super stacked trainer. Best for long runs and recovery, it's a fun trainer that we're excited about. While our full review will be in a few weeks, you can check out our Sub 2 above and first comparison video with the Novablast 3.

2. DOR Giving, The Humble Hustle

Each month at DOR starting in 2022, a member of our team selects a charity of their choice to donate 10% of our monthly profits to. This month Senior Contributor Nathan Brown selected The Humble Hustle for our monthly giving! 
From Humble Hustle about their work:
The Humble Hikes program provides the chance to expand the youth’s horizons and experience the world around them in a positive and healthy way. Humble Hikes aims to expose black youth to the outdoors. We provide education in environmental sciences, environmental activism, advocacy, and available resources in their community. We empower youth by providing more representation of minorities in the outdoors.
This past month we donated 10% of our earnings to the organization to help support the work they do! Visit the Humble Hustle for more information.

3. Recover With These Unique Strategies

Running rehab from injury can be painful, slow, and challenging. Body support training offers a unique path towards rehabilitation by providing measures that lighten the load as you work on getting the body back in shape.

Learn more about this unique method of rehab in our latest science feature by Nathan Brown:

4. Dress for Success

Ciele hat and Mizuno Infinity apparel
This month we tackled a ton of apparel for year round running. You'd think there wouldn't be a ton of variance in performance clothing, but just from the brands we reviewed this month we saw a ton of differences. From the softness of Mizuno's new Infinity line to the durable to high quality of Path Projects to the technical details in Fractel and Ciele's headwear designs, there's a wide spectrum of apparel that aims to suit a variety of needs for each individual.

Find our apparel reviews from October here:
Path Projects
Mizuno Infinity
Ciele Athletics

5. Master the Art of Aging

There has been a wealth of knowledge that's accrued in the world of running after the age of 40. Our Chief Editor Matt Klein has taken a particular interest in the subject through his personal academic work. He sat down with Contributor Andrea Myers to share what he's learned.

Not ready for a video? You can also listen to it on the run here.

6. Beginner's Guide to Shopping in Run Retail

Run retail can be a vastly intimidating space for a new runner. Matt Klein sat down to discuss some of his best tips for new and veteran runners alike to chew on before entering the store to try shoes and talk with staff. 

Watch above, or listen to this first ever solo podcast with Matt here.

7. Max Cushion Everything

The year of supermax continues with lots of exciting entries. Along with the coming of the Superblast, we explored a few other tall friends this month including the revamped Saucony Triumph 20 and the new genre-defining Invincible from Nike.

Max cushion reviews from October:
Mizuno Wave Sky 6
Saucony Triumph 20
Nike Invincible 2

8. Q&A of the Month: Is There a Valid Way to Know
When I Need a New Shoe?

Question: Looking at old running shoes for clues about one's biomechanics - especially on running shoes such as when the wear pattern shows that you are striking on the ball of the foot vs. dragging a heel -- is this a valid way to learn about what a person needs in a new shoe? (I realize that looking at shoes that have been used for general walking around may show different or possibly misleading signs as compared to those dedicated to running -- do you agree?)

Answer from Chief Editor Matt Klein
: Looking at shoes is not nearly as helpful as watching someone actually run and looking at their true mechanics. The shoes are a secondary variable compared to the primary one of your mechanics. Where you run, what types of runs you do in them, weather, etc are all "covariates" that will influence how the shoe looks. I had an article published in Runners World a few years ago (that pissed a ton of people off) explaining that wear patterns are NOT valid way of assessing someone's mechanics. There is NO evidence supporting that. Getting on a treadmill and running with a video analysis is the best method hands down.  

So here is the little evidence there is on running shoe wear. All shoes tend to wear out after ~100 miles (maybe a little longer or shorter with the newer foams). After that, it is how well your body compensates. This is why learning internal cues from yourself or setting a mileage "cap" for your shoes is the best way to tell when the shoe is ready to be replaced. It will vary greatly on your body, hence why this is so difficult to determine on a population scale!

9. A Delicious Post Run Recovery | Running Gadget of the Month

Skratch Recovery Mix: Horchata or Coffee
$33.95 at Running Warehouse

There are a lot of ways to recovery after a hard workout, long run, or race. While testing hydration products for our feature over the summer, our team became big fans of Skratch's recovery drink mix. Featuring exciting flavors like horchata and coffee, they provided not only fast, easy-to-mix recovery, but also really tasty ones at that. Scientifically, the mix uniquely provides probiotics to support gut recovery on top of the usual blend of fat and protein. It's very easy to drink, and did we mention how delicious the horchata was? So good.

10. Underrated Review of the Month: On Cloudgo

On has a tough past that many runners are still at odds about, but we believe the On Cloudgo is a really good step forward for the brand. Featuring a very toned back design compared to their usual offerings, the On Cloudgo features a moderately softened ride with their new recalibrated Helion midsole design. The upper is simple and effective at locking the foot down and providing overall a very no-frills, get-the-job done design. Introduced as their new intro model (eg. Saucony Ride, Nike Pegasus), it's the beginning of what we think is a great new direction for the brand.

Find our full review of the On Cloudgo here:

Coming Soon at DOR

This month we're diving headfirst towards the end of the year with a big review of the exciting new Superblast coming soon. We also have winter in mind, which means it's trail/GTX season. From brand new models to some much anticipated winterized editions, we have some cool surprises coming later this month for review. We also have a few more guides to set the season of gifting up as we enter the holiday frenzy. See you on the other side!

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Thanks for reading!

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