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DOR Podcast #116: Are Super Trainers Worth It? And a Review of the Asics Superblast, with Comparisons

"Super trainers" are the latest trend in shoe design: a next-generation foam, a midsole height of over 40mm, and a stiff rocker (with or without a plate). These new shoes can be a ton of fun to run in with huge amounts of cushioning and energy return. However, they come with hefty price tags and unknown effects on running biomechanics. Matt & David explore this new category of shoes, specifically reviewing the new ASICS Superblast and comparing it to other offerings like the New Balance SC Trainer and Adidas Prime X. Wondering if these super trainers are for you? Have a listen!

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The Subjective: how long do you take off after a goal race? 

0:00 - Intro 
3:16 - How to define "super trainers" 
8:30 - Lower-stack shoes with super foams 
12:30 - ASICS Superblast Review 
17:44 - Comparing the Superblast to the other max-stack super trainers 
20:33 - Weighing the cost of super trainers 
27:26 - What's the purpose for max-stack super trainers 
31:02 - Who these shoes might not work for 
34:10 - What's being done well with this new category 
38:44 - How could these shoes be improved? 
43:02 - Is there a point of diminishing returns for midsole height? 
47:19 - Where this category is headed in the future 
50:36 - Wrap up

Science Feature:
What’s the best two day strength training split
to add in addition to running and cycling?

By Contributor Ryan Flugaur

Adding strength training into a running program is important but oftentimes can be challenging for a couple reasons. First, adding a strength program takes time. Adding 2-3 strength sessions into your workout each week can add an extra 2 hours of training a week which can be challenging for some people. Second, the muscle soreness and fatigue that occurs following a strength session can make it difficult to continue with a hard workout the next day. This is why you typically want an easy day following a strength training session. I typically add strength training to my normal base training days, planning to leave a few days between my strength workout and my long and interval run days. This gives my legs time to recover from lifting and the muscle time to repair. If you are new to strength training, start slow with low weight. Beginning with bands and body weight will likely be enough. The delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) that occurs from strength training can make it challenging to continue with your running and cycling program if you begin too heavy. If your legs are accustomed to lifting weights, the muscle soreness will not affect you as much and you can begin with heavier weights. Sometimes something short such as a 15 minute glute workout is easy to add in following an interval day like Andrea mentioned. I will sometimes add a quick banded glute session in place of my strides to get a low stress workout at the end of a run.

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