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Mizuno Infinity Apparel Review: Softer, Fast, Stronger, and More Sustainable
A Doctors of Running Team Editorial

Last year, Mizuno launched Alpha Eco, their first major leap into sustainable running clothes. This year they've returned with an even more eco-friendly design with the Infinity series. The apparel seen in this collection features even more recycled materials than before. Our team takes an in-depth look at each piece to give our thoughts on what worked for us and what missed.

Mizuno Infinity Items Tested in this Review

Warm Weather Items

Men's 5in Short
Women's 3.5in Short
Infinity Tee
Infinity Singlet

Cool Weather Items
Infinity Jogger

Running Hoodie
Infinity Long Sleeve

Warm Weather Clothing

Men's 5" Shorts
Price: $40

Nathan Brown, Senior Contributor: This is by far the most comfortable short that Mizuno has produced, and now it competes with some of the other best apparel companies in the business for comfort (looking at you, rabbit). Compared to the Alpha Eco models that we recently tested, these shorts are significantly softer and move better with the body on the run. Both the 5” and 7” are equipped with a comfortable waistband with drawstrings if needed, a comfortable integrated brief, and a soft, very lightweight, and slightly stretchy material. The only area for consideration is what the runner wants in terms of storage. These shorts only have two front pockets (without a zipper) and then a small pocket in the brief liner for a key. Therefore storage of fuel is limited, but does make them work really well for daily use given the more typically sized pockets. So if you’re looking for pockets to carry your phone or fuel for the run, you won’t find them here. But if you don’t need that storage, these are some of the most comfortable shorts I’ve worn for warmer weather.  

Fit: A (brief liner very comfortable, shorts material is not restrictive and not too loose either) 
Performance: B+ (For those who like 5”+ shorts, great for all paces and for warmer weather, drawback is lack of storage for fuel or phone) 
Comfort: A (Very soft and lightweight, disappear during the run) 
Overall: A-/A 

David Salas, Senior Contributor: The Mizuno 5" short on this Infinity line definitely knocked it out of the park. The material is incredibly light on the skin and maintains great breathability throughout the run. The material is very good at wicking moisture off and reminds me a lot of some of the lightweight performance shorts I have run in from Nike and rabbit. One fun thing is that the shorts do have pockets. These have been shorts that I have been able to turn over when running faster in as well. They offer great versatility and comfort. The only thing I really notice is occasionally the pocket on the inside will catch on the thigh, but it is a minor catch. Overall a phenomenal 5" short I keep reaching for.  

Fit: A- (Good dimensions throughout, slight catching from the pocket, otherwise great) 
Performance: A- (Great with moisture wicking and incredibly lightweight for 5 in inseam. The slight catching on the pocket can be a little noticeable when running faster.) 
Comfort: A (The material is very light on the skin and the shorts almost feel like they are not there at times. A really comfortable 5 in short for logging daily miles and strides) 
Overall: A- 

Women's 3.5" Shorts
Price: $40

Andrea Myers, Contributor: The Mizuno Infinity 3.5” short is lightweight, breathable, and does not restrict movement. I tend to prefer short tights to reduce the risk of chafing, but the Infinity 3.5” does a great job of getting out of the way and almost disappearing on the run. The brief liner fits nicely and does not ride up. Mizuno’s Drylite material is lightweight and wicks sweat very effectively. There is one small key pocket built into the front part of the liner, but it is not big enough to hold anything besides a key. This feature limits the versatility of these shorts for me to shorter runs where I do not need to carry gels. The shorts fit true to size in a women’s small. Overall, these shorts are a nice option for shorter runs in mild to warm temperatures and could work well for longer runs if you use a fuel belt or have a sports bra with pockets to hold gels. 

Fit: A (fits true to size, comfortable waistband and liner)
Performance: A- (great wicking, breathability, does not restrict movement, but lacks sufficient pockets for storage)
Comfort: A (no chafing and liner does not ride up)
Overall: A- 

Megan Flynn, Contributor: The Mizuno Infinity 3.5” shorts are one of the more comfortable loose-fitting shorts that I’ve worn. They are lightweight, breathable, and avoid areas of chafing on longer or rainy runs and don’t ride up at all. The brief liner is comfortable and mesh-like and includes a key pocket in the front right which is a perfect size to hold a key securely in place with the upper flap providing extra security. The drawstring allows them to be comfortably adjusted to the waist. I’ve been able to test these shorts on both easy runs and faster workouts as well and they’ve proven to be comfortable with minimal resistance at faster paces. In terms of size, they’re slightly long on me which isn’t a huge deal because I’m relatively short myself – I usually roll the top 1x and then they’re a perfect length. I’m impressed with these; I usually only wear compression shorts for workouts but these have become a loose-fitting option for faster runs as well.

Fit: A- (they’re a little long on me, but not a big deal)
Performance: A (lightweight + comfortable + breathable + no chafing = perfect)
Comfort: A (the fabric is extremely comfortable o and suitable for long runs, fast runs, or regular easy runs)
Overall: A

Infinity Tee

Price: $30

Matt Klein, Chief Editor: The Mizuno Infinity Tee is a comfortable, soft and slightly warm t-shirt. It fits me true to size in my normal men’s small (5’9”, 150lbs). The Infinity tee is true to size with a relaxed fit great for easy and long runs. The material is soft and slightly warm, making it a great choice for days where it is not quite cold enough for a long sleeve, but not warm enough for thin performance apparel. While it does well in dry weather, in wet or humid weather, the material does tend to soak up and retain moisture. Outside of moisture, the Mizuno Infinity is a pretty standard running tee that combines a relaxed feel with soft material.   

Fit: B+ (Relaxed fit best for easy mileage and long runs) 
Performance: B (Holds onto sweat and water. Better for dry weather) 
Comfort: B+ (Moderately soft material that is slightly warm. Good for casual wear too) 
Overall: B+  

Bach Pham, Content Manager:  The Infinity Tee’s immediate qualities are the softness and comfort on skin. It fits really nicely to the body and feels great going out the door. I found the shirt best for mild Fall days. The shirt is not super moisture wicking, opting more for softness and comfort over performance and wicking. It can lean a bit warm in hotter temperatures and retain some sweat. It’s so light that it doesn’t stop the run, but is noticeable. The softness of the shirt almost outweighs it though, and provided no chafing issues. It’s just a really nice shirt that can handle plenty of easy runs and has been durable after several washes. 

Fit: A- (Relaxed, well-fitting shirt suited for easy runs) 
Performance: B+ (Good for easy days in dry, cool weather. Not the best for deep mid-summer runs)
Comfort: A- (One of the softer performance shirts I’ve tried this year) 
Overall: B+/A-


Infinity Singlet
Price: $25

Andrea Myers, Contributor: The Mizuno Infinity Tank is a loose fitting, breathable tank that is great for easy runs or post-workout. While Mizuno’s shorts and tights fit fairly true to size for me, their tops tend to run a little baggy and long, even for my relatively long torso. This feature would keep me from using the tank for faster runs or races because it is just too much fabric to feel performance-oriented. That being said, it is a great top for slower runs or even casual wear. I really like wearing it for my warmup in cooler weather, then taking it off and running in a sports bra for intervals. The lightweight and breathable Drylite material wicks well and is soft on the skin. While there are seams on the neck and arm openings, the fit is loose enough that I did not experience any chafing. The racerback cut allows for complete freedom of arm movement and enhanced breathability. Overall, this is a great training and coffee shop top that has a generous fit and comfortable performance. 

Fit: B (Top runs long even for my long torso, too baggy for my preference, but nice for easy runs and warmups)
Performance: B+ (Drylite fabric wicks well and is breathable, but loose fit limits its use for me)
Comfort: A (soft fabric and no chafing from seams make for a very comfortable, but loose fitting top)
Overall: B+ 

David Salas, Senior Contributor: The Infinity Singlet is a very comfortable tank top that can double as running wear and lifestyle wear. I have literally taken this piece on a 9 mile run immediately into crushing some burgers with some friends and didn’t think twice. The fit is a little on the baggy end and fits more like a casual tank top than it does a singlet. For nomenclature I do think it should be called a tank top versus a singlet. The material is very soft on skin and feels and does have pretty decent breathability throughout. Though the material itself is really soft and comfortable on skin it does run a little bit warmer than other materials. Because this is a flowy tank that never really became an issue for me. For usage I really like using the singlet for easy day wear. When running fast I’m not sure I’d want this when taking corners or on the track as I would be readjusting the way it sits on my shoulders too frequently. With that said though this is one of my favorite pieces of the Infinity line. 

Fit: B (Definitely more of flowy tank top than streamlined singlet. Hugs the torso and midline decently well, but much more of a casual fit)
Performance: B+ (The material is breathable enough and light on the skin. It runs a little warmer than other singlets and does have a more relaxed fit throughout making it hard for faster efforts. Otherwise one of my favorite easy day pieces hands down. I just think Tank Top should be name versus singlet.)
Comfort: A (Very soft and comfortable material that breathes well and doesn’t hold too much moisture when running)
Overall: B+

Cool Weather Items

Infinity Jogger
Price: $75

Megan Flynn, Contributor
: Mizuno’s Infinity Joggers feature drylite moisture management which is constructed to provide 4-way stretch and transport excess moisture from the body resulting in a comfortable and dry experience. The pants fit tighter toward the calf/ankles, but are looser around the knees and hips allowing more freedom of motion. A key feature for me are the ankle zippers when it comes to longer pants as warmups. Before races or workouts, I prefer to keep long pants on for as long as possible before starting a workout or a race to keep my legs from getting cold. The zipper allows for easy removal of the joggers over running shoes so they can be taken off after racing shoes are laced up at the last minute. I usually prefer tights over loose fitting pants to warmup in, but that’s more of a personal preference. Another key feature are the zipper pockets on both sides. The zipper adds security for carrying keys, gels, phone, etc. The waistband was a little big for me, however able to be adjusted with the elastic band. Besides wearing them for warmups, these joggers have proven to be very comfortable as lounge wear too! 

Fit: B+ (A little too loose for me at the waist to be my first choice as warmups or running pants, but are very comfortable as lounge wear)
Performance: A- (These are a favorite for lounging around or after a run, but I wouldn’t choose these for during a workout or long run)
Comfort: A (With the 4-way stretch material they are very comfortable as an option for lounge wear or even post-run)
Overall: A-

Nathan Brown, Senior Contributor: The Infinity joggers are made of a very stretchy material. I typically size down for my running joggers (I am 5’10”, 160# and got a size S). I prefer sizing down for a more overall snug fit, and in this case that is certainly what happened. The fit around the calves only has a little wiggle room and there is just a bit of play around the thighs as well. Given the stretchy nature of these joggers, this fit is perfect for them to be secure during both easy runs and some harder efferts. Note that if I got a typical size medium, I likely would have a similar response to Matt in terms of fit. While the smaller size does help with some harder efforts, the pants are a bit thicker and heavier than some other options (like running tights or more lightweight joggers) which limits their ability to do very hard workouts. The thickness of these joggers will allow them to be used into much of the Winter for me here in Wisconsin (and a great outer layer over tights in deep winter), but are a bit too warm for the early fall and later spring. The storage is limited to two front pockets, both of which are zippered. The material and style makes them very sporty in nature, and not as versatile for athlesiure/casual use. Finally, the reflective components may be small, but effective, which is nice for morning and evening runs.  

Fit: A- (Comfortable waist band, sweet spot between snug and mobile due to stretch and sizing down) 
Performance: A- (Good for daily runs and slightly uptempo work, thick enough for some winter months and a good layer for warmth) 
Comfort: A (Soft and stretchy) 
Overall: A-

 Infinity Running Hoodie
Price: $80

Ryan Flugaur, Contributor:
The Mizuno Infinity Running Hoodie is a cool weather running hoodie best suited for recovery or easy runs. Despite its lightweight performance material, the addition of the large pocket and zippers adds a significant amount of weight to the hoodie. This makes it feel slightly too heavy for intervals and sprints. The hood can be secured over the head using elastic cinch straps to help with inclimate weather. The sleeves have a tight but not compression fit allowing room underneath for layering. They taper down to an elastic cuff around the wrist with an addition of a thumb hole providing a glove-like feel. For those individuals running in the dark, reflective details were added near the wrist and the back of the hood to assist with visibility. The Infinity hoody is not just for running though. The Infinity Running Hoodie can double as a comfortable casual wear hoodie when paired with jeans or a pair of shorts making this a versatile addition to your wardrobe.   

Fit: A- (Loose fit throughout the trunk with a tapered fit over the arms. Easy to layer over a tee or long sleeve ) 
Performance: B (Zippers and pocket add a significant amount of weight making it best suited for easy runs or casual use)
Comfort: A- (Material has a soft, buttery feel. Love the thumb holes to keep the hands warm)
Overall: B+/A- 

Bach Pham, Content Manager:
  I love a good hoodie for easy day running. Not all hoodies come alike though, with a wide variety of different weights. The Infinity Running Hoodie leans towards the slightly heavier side due to the addition of zippers and pockets that Ryan mentioned. It’s also a bit of a warmer material. The hoodie ran best at easy paces in lower temperatures. I’d be comfortable using it down to the upper 20s to mid-40 F (4 C) at most due to the slightly thicker nature of the hoodie. For the American South, this could easily handle a large portion of your winter running if you tend to run fairly warm. The hoodie fits true to size, but is a bit loose throughout. The material  feels really reminiscent of sweatshirts and items from brands like Patagonia and Duluth - which isn’t a bad thing.

My biggest issue with the hoodie was the difficultys trying to manage the large zipper. It kept slapping me on the move until I got it just right, which wasn't always an optimal choice. I think in the future making it a no zip, full hoodie would help cut weight and take away the problem. In its current state, I'm not fully convinced I would recommend this hoodie outside of lounge wear.

Fit: A- (Fits true to size, with a touch of looseness throughout that makes it feel very relaxed) 
Performance: B- (A little bit weighty, making it best as easy runs and a little less versatile)
Comfort: B (Pretty solid comfort materials-wise, but the zipper does make it a bit less comfortable trying to get the right balance on the run)
Overall: B

Infinity Long Sleeve
Price: $35

Ryan Flugaur, Contributor
: The Mizuno Infinity Long Sleeve has been a great addition to my running clothing collection for Wisconsin fall running. The mix of polyester and cotton is soft and comfortable producing a performance fit shirt best suited for temps between 30-40℉. Below 30℉ the Infinity long sleeve pairs well as a base layer with the Mizuno Breath Thermo Running Vest. (For winter and cold weather running, check out the Mizuno Breath Thermo collection. It's my go to clothing line when temperatures dip below 25℉.) The fit is snug but not tight allowing room for your arms and trunk to move without feeling restricted. The size small fits true to size for my 5’7”, 140 # frame. In the past, I felt Mizuno clothing ran slightly long. This seems to be fixed for their new Infinity line as the Infinity Long sleeve fits true to size in both length and width. Overall, the Mizuno Infinity Long Sleeve is a comfortable, lightweight long sleeve that can be used by itself or layered with the Breath Thermo vest or Infinity Running Hoodie.  

Fit: A (True to size for performance fit. Length issues of previous Mizuno clothing seems to be addressed with Infinity long sleeve) 
Performance: B+ (Material is not fantastic with wicking sweat. Sweat seems to accumulate in the material and can become heavy.)
Comfort: A (Snug but not tight design allows for movement without restriction. Poly and cotton blend is soft against the skin.)
Overall: A- 

Matt Klein, Chief Contributor: The Mizuno Infinity Long Sleeve is a great option for running in the Fall as temperatures cool. The fit is true to size for me, fitting just right across my torso and arms (not too tight and not too loose). The material is warmer and works well for early morning runs. It is a great transitional piece of apparel as the days get cooler in the Fall. It sits comfortably against my skin for dry and colder runs. It does tend to pick up moisture and gets soaked either with rain or sweat. This makes the Mizuno Infinity long sleeve best for dry or easy efforts  

Fit: A (True to size with slight performance fit) 
Performance: B (Material moves well with easy and faster efforts, but soaks up and holds onto sweat/moisture) 
Comfort: A (Soft against skin feel. Easy movement due to flexible but secure fit.) 
Overall: B+/A-

Find the Mizuno Infinity Collection at Mizuno
here (non-affiliate)

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