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How Much Faster are Super Spikes? Weight vs. Stack Height, and Super Shoe Benefits for Elites vs. Non-Elites
Doctors of Running Podcast, Episode 182

Our own David Salas is heading into a season of track racing and that got Matt Klein and him wondering...what's better for track racing: super shoes or super spikes? From there they spin off into debating whether our bodies plateau in their adaptation to super shoes, how super shoe adaptation may be effecting elite marathoners, and what this all means for the recreational runner.

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0:00 - Intro 
5:16 - Track racing: stack height or light weight? 
10:00 - Does foam compression impact track speed? 
12:45 - Maximum comfort or maximum aggression? 
15:47 - Do physiological adaptations to super shoes plateau? 
21:18 - Is this effecting elite marathoners? 
34:19 - Would you choose super shoes or spikes if they weighed the same? 
36:38 - The impact of super spikes 
42:14 - Are super spikes impacting specific races more than others? 
51:32 - How are super shoes impacting recreational runners? 
57:39 - Wrap-up

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How to Train and Adapt to Super Shoes

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