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What. A. Year. 2022 was packed with a lot of exciting things for our team. We not only had some big things happen at Doctors of Running, but we also had a lot of big life changes in the team that made it a year to remember. We had a fun month working on recaps of our favorite trainers of 2022. For this month's round-up, we decided to also use this chance to look back at some of our favorite videos, guides, and podcast episodes this year as well.
Ten Things To Check Out From December 2022 (and 2022 in General) at Doctors of Running

1. The Best Running Shoes of 2022

The end of year always means its time to reflect back and explore the shoes that caught our attention. For our best of this year, we broke things out into some of our favorite categories to help better explore the entries that caught our eye. Catch all of our Best of Features here:

2. Revamped Podcast Page!

This year we cracked our first 100 episodes of the Doctors of Running Podcast. To celebrate our achievement we launched a new logo for our 100th episode. We recently also have rebranded our podcast home page to feature not just our latest episodes, but also our favorites along the way in case you are new to the podcast. We've greatly enjoyed putting them out weekly and can't wait to show more conversations in 2023.

Check out our updated podcast page here.

3. Speaking of Podcast: Our Favorite Pods of 2022

Speaking of podcasts, we've had such a blast this year growing this part of Doctors of Running. From interviews with shoe developers to tackling topics we've been wanting to discuss forever now, it was a fun year for the podcast team. Shoutout to our Audio Engineer BJ for helping us particularly take a big step up this year, not only in making us sound good, but also growing our podcast from top to bottom by bringing in organization and inventive ideas.

Our Favorite Episodes of 2022
#111: Mastering the Art of Running Over 40 | Link
#83: The Truth about Midsole Foams | Link
#82: The Science of Nutrition and Training for Women | Link
#79: Does More Cushioning Lower Injury Risk? | Link
#95/96: Science of Footwear Design/Biomechanics with Saucony | Link (95)/ Link (96)

4. Our Favorite Video of 2022: Guide to Super Shoes

We had an absolute avalanche of videos this year, growing our YouTube division by adding Sub 2s to the mix. We've also delved more into videos focused on using our background as physical therapists to delve a bit deeper into the science of running. In one of our favorite recent videos, Matt talks about the areas runners should look into working on in order to train into super shoes.

Have a video idea for 2023? Send us an email to to offer us a few suggestions for the new year.

5. The Three Guides from 2022 You Should Read

This year our team also set out to work on a few projects to help runners we talk to daily. Our guides were really focused on new runners and aimed to provide some answers to questions we often receive. We started small this year focusing on newer runners, but look forward to doing some more advance work in 2023 as keep growing our body of work.

Below is a selection of our favorite projects we've put together for 2022.

Guide to Walking Shoes | Link
The Beginner's Guide to Running Shoes
| Link
Guide to Hydration Products for Runners | Link

6. Run Smarter! with Andrea

Recently Contributor Andrea Myers jumped on the Run Smarter Podcast with Brodie Sharpe to talk all about running shoes. It was a super fun episode full of good tips, all of which you listen to here (link).

7. Ridgefield Running Store: Best of 2022!!!

We wanted to send a huge congratulations to Megan Searfoss (podcast guest on episode 107) and her team at Ridgefield Running for winning Best Running Retail Store of 2022! In the 17 years of the award, Megan is the first woman-owned winner of the grand prize. Based out of Connecticut, Ridgefield has been helping runners get the footwear they need since 2014. Megan's team does an incredible job matching runners with the footwear they need and working with the running community to help forward how they help runners day-in and day-out.

Learn more about her store by visiting

8. Question of the Month: Shoes for Posterior Tibialis

Question: I am a collegiate runner! I suffered a 2nd degree strain in my quads and it led to my right foot’s arch to collapse. I have always had flat feet but it had never hurt to run before hand. Now after running around the 6 mile mark I feel pain/pressure around my navicular and ankle area. I currently use custom orthotics, but struggle to find shoes that are compatible. Could you provide some recommendations? Also if you could provide some race day shoes that could either fit my custom orthotics or have enough mild stability where I won’t have to worry about them not fitting that would be great!

Answer: If you are going to continue to use orthotics, there are a few shoes that are specifically designed to take them. 

The Saucony Echelon is one the major one out there, but are not quite in line with what you are looking for.  You MAY be able to use them with the Boston 10 and Adios Pro, but they already have a lateral bias (due to the huge lateral heel bevel). The stiff rods also have variable influences on orthotics, so you will not know until you try them. 

Most shoes, especially faster ones, were NOT designed with orthotics in mind.  

You may want to look at faster shoes that have some stability like the Saucony Tempus. It is lighter than the Boston 10 but has stability.  I would also encourage you to look through our reviews of faster shoes and see which ones have some inherent stability (like the Saucony Endorphin Pro 3).  IF you are a collegiate runner who MUST stick to your school sponsor (I am assuming Adidas?) then the Boston 10 and Adios Pro may actually work for you.  You will want to find a shoe that has a large lateral heel bevel. You will also want to find shoes with rods (Boston, Adios Pro) as they will create more inherant stability.  Sidewalls (where the midsole comes up along the foot) are helpful on the inner/medial side.  Wider soles (not uppers) will also be helpful. The wider the shoe extends, the more stable it is.  Hope that helps! 

-Matt  (Your struggle is exactly the same as mine when I was in college. Which is what led me to Physical Therapy School and starting this website).

9. Run/Work/Run Some More in this Running Shirt Favorite | Running Gadget of the Month

This month we have a video on our chief editor Matt Klein's absolute favorite long sleeve. From work to daily wear, he's worn the rabbit High Country flannel for just about everything these past two years. Give them a try while you can, before Matt buys every single one up. Serious, he will.

10. Underrated Shoe of the Month

It's very easy to ignore the Brooks Levitate 6. A weightier shoe, it's a beast at around 11 oz. However, the team found themselves pleasantly surprised by the shoe's ride which offers a comfortable, durable daily training experience that just rolls along nicely. The DNA Loft v2 midsole provides a responsive ride that likes to get up and eat miles all day long. Find our full team review of this underdog trainer here:

Coming Soon at DOR

We are ready to gear up for a busy new year with tons of new reviews and a bit of refreshes as we work on starting 2023 off right. Be on the lookout for some new updates to our reviews along with brand new content as we work on evolving the work we do.

Have questions? Send us an email at

Thanks for reading!

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