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DOR Podcast #120: Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro Review, and the Shoes We're Excited to Try in 2023

Mizuno's brand new super shoe, the Wave Rebellion Pro, features some of the wildest geometry on the running shoe market. Featuring a huge stack of foam, an extreme heel bevel, midsole cutouts, and a carbon-infused plate, Mizuno's made an impressively fast & bouncy super shoe, worth of consideration among the best. Join Matt & David as they take a deep dive on this exciting new offering. They also look forward to all the new shoes coming out in 2023, including things like Nike Vaporfly 3 and Kinvara Pro. Be sure to check out our full written review of the Rebellion Pro!

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The Subjective:
What shoe(s) are you looking forward to the most in 2023?

0:00 - Intro
3:14 - Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro Review
6:17 - What to make of the extreme midsole geometry
15:38 - The Best Uses for the Rebellion Pro
18:24 - Comparisons
26:08 - Who will/won't the Rebellion Pro work for
32:23 - Looking forward to 2023's upcoming shoes
51:30 - Wrap up

Science Feature:
Choosing Shoes

Traditionally, stability was placed in shoes with the goal of stopping or preventing a motion called pronation, which historically has been thought of as an unnecessary and injury-inducing motion. However, it is now clear that pronation is a normal and necessary part of running mechanics to help absorb shock. This is why, as we mentioned above, that matching standing foot type to a particular shoe or saying someone with a flat arch requires a stability shoe simply hasn't worked out. Traditionally, it has also been recommended that newer runners should start with stability shoes to give them extra support to help them adjust to running. However, this also is not the case and could actually lead to more bad than good for certain runners. 

Instead, new runners should be open to trying a myriad of shoes in the shop when finding their first pair. Try a neutral shoe, try a shoe with stability built in through a post, try a shoe with stability built in through a wide base and geometry. If you haven't ran before and don't have a remarkable injury history, don't limit yourself to what you "think" you need or even what someone may say to you based on your foot type. Best case scenario you go to a store and try on shoes with varying levels of stability to see what is most comfortable for you. Remember, comfort is key. Your assessment of comfort may lead you to a neutral shoe, maybe a shoe with mild stability, maybe one with maximal stability. It's all okay. Just find what works for you. Remember, over time this may change.

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Mizuno Wave Inspire 19

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