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DOR Podcast #122: Mastering the Art of Winter Running, Part 2: Giving Up On Going Outside, and Learning to Love the Treadmill

This second part of our winter running feature is all about the treadmill. Some days, the weather is just too rough to brave the elements, or maybe the schedule calls for a hard workout that will be unnecessarily challenging in the cold/snow/ice; that's where the treadmill comes in. Nate & Andrea share tips to finding and buying the right treadmill for your needs, how to adjust your training, their favorite shoes on the treadmill, and the science behind biomechanical changes while treadmill running.

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The Subjective:
What's your number one tip for getting through winter training?

0:00 - Intro 
1:58 - Treadmill buying guide: features, size, types, etc. 
11:04 - How to approach training on a treadmill 
20:43 - Picking shoes for treadmill running 
23:53 - Biomechanical changes while treadmill running 
30:40 - Gait changes on a treadmill vs. outdoors 
38:31 - Wrap-up

Science Feature:
Shoes for Larger Runners

We dispel some myths about runner size and shoes and provide some recommendations for larger runners. TLDR: Don't let the world limit what you can run in. Comfort first.

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