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The Monday Shakeout: David's Top Shoes of 2024 So Far
By David Salas

We've reached the halfway point of the year (whaaaaat). Recently Matt and Andrea shared their top shoes of 2024 so far. This week we bring on David Salas to share his favorite, which includes a very new release at Doctors of Running.

Favorite Daily Training Shoe: On Cloudmonster Hyper | Review

Weight: 9.0 oz / 255g
Stack Height: 44mm heel / 38mm forefoot
Drop: 6mm
Classification: Daily Trainer, Super Trainer

The On Cloudmonster Hyper has been one of my go-to's for eating up mileage. The shoe uses a dual density midsole to give a forgiving and smooth experience on foot. The shoe gives a wide underfoot base that is coupled with a rocker geometry, Helion HF super foam, and some firmer guidance measures from the Cloudtec foam that wraps around the heel and midfoot. For rhythmic easy days and long runs this has been a very nice shoe to gravitate towards. 9.0 ounces is a competitive weight that does not feel heavy on foot, though you can still fit some structure into it as well. The volume is also high and is good for swelling accommodation while doing longer runs. 

Pros: Great underfoot protection, Competitive weight, Slight guidance from the structure
Cons: Pricey at $220, Probably not responsive enough to carry into racing or hard workouts unless it is for recreational population looking to complete distance events. 

Favorite Lightweight Trainer: Saucony Endorphin Speed 4 | Review

Weight: 8.3 oz / 235g
Stack Height: 38mm heel / 30mm forefoot
Drop: 8mm
Classification: Lightweight trainer, performance trainer, racing shoe

The Saucony Endorphin Speed 4 is an excellent lightweight trainer that can do a bit of everything. The shoe comes in with a peba based midsole, PWRRUN PB, alongside a nylon plate as a stiffening agent. The shoe has a good lockdown with decent volume throughout for swelling. The shoe does have great traction underfoot as well that makes you feel like you are grabbing the earth under you. The shoe has a very gradual rocker to it, and is not as aggressive as other shoes that are plated. The plate does have a good amount of flexibility to it as well, and really lets you toe off of the ground naturally. I have really enjoyed this shoe for track workouts, long runs, and even some easy days. At approximately $170, this a shoe that can serve many purposes. 

Pros: Versatile, both training and speed friendly, good traction
Cons: Heel does need some break in and can come off clunky at first

Honorable Mention: ASICS Superblast 2 | Review

The ASICS Superblast 2 has been a highly versatile shoe for myself. Though I do not take it for many easy daily mileage runs, this shoe can really rock long runs and tempo runs. The shoe rides the maximum stack height, being at 45mm in the heel and 37mm in the forefoot, though performs like a shoe with less on it. There is good sole flaring, sidewalls, outsole traction, and upper lockdown for long efforts that require a tad more support and guidance for the foot. Being at 8.7 ounces and using so much FlytoFoam Turbo+ also gives this appeal for workouts and even potential for racing down the line. 

Favorite Racing Shoe: ASICS Metaspeed Edge Paris | Review

Weight: 6.5 oz / 184g
Stack Height: 39.5 mm heel / 34.5 mm forefoot
Drop: 5mm
Classification: Super shoe, racing shoe

The ASICS Metaspeed Edge Paris is a super shoe that I feel can hit all of the distances. The shoe gives a very competitive weight at 6.5 ounces, and is one of the only shoes on the market that can match the specifications of a Vaporfly on paper. The shoe uses FlyteFoam Turbo+ as its midsole and a carbon fiber plate as the stiffening agent. FlyteFoam Turbo + is not the most compliant, but does bounce back with a lot of responsiveness when loaded. The shoe gives you a big bounce through the forefoot and lightweight package. I have even raced on the track in the 5k distance with this shoe without issue. The Metaspeed Edge Paris can take you 5k-to-marathon. The shoe does not have any major stability elements integrated though. Those wanting more sole flare, guidance, and stability for the longer distances may need to look elsewhere. 

Pros: Incredibly lightweight and responsive, good traction, good upper lockdown
Cons: A little bit narrow of platform without much sole flare, true neutral super shoe


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