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The Monday Shakeout: Matt's Top Shoes of 2024 So Far
By Matthew Klein

This week Matt talks about his favorite shoes so far in 2024. This has been a unique year for him as most of his running has involved pushing his daughter in a stroller. This has also been a special year for faster shoes with the debut and release of many new lightweight trainers and racing shoes. While there are many more to come, this is an update for those searching for the newest shoes on the market for the first half of 2024. 

Favorite Daily Training Shoe: Saucony Guide 17 | Review

Weight: 9.4 oz / 269 g (men's size 9); 8.1 oz, 232 g (women's size 8)
Stack Height: 35 mm heel / 29 mm forefoot
Drop: 6 mm

The Saucony Guide 17 is a complete overhaul of this classic stability shoe. While removing the medial post for the first time in this series, the Guide 17 instead features a wide foundation, high sidewalls, a rockered design and internal geometry to provide a centered, guided and stable guide. A new lower drop also provides a more grounded feel despite a large amount of foam underfoot. This makes for a neutral feeling but stable ride from heel to forefoot. A new upper provides more room while still providing a secure midfoot. To top all this off, the outsole is durable as I have 150 miles on my pair without major wear. The Guide 17 does not have the typical post of most stability shoes but shows off as a new age stability shoe due to the smoother ride, lighter weight and natural feeling guidance. 

Pros: Guidance Based, Smooth Rocker Geometry, Secure Upper, Durable
Cons: Less Responsive Midsole, Takes Time for Stability to Break In/Figure the Shoe Out

Favorite Maximal Training Shoe: Mizuno Wave Neo Vista | Review

Weight: 9.4 oz / 266 g (men's size 9); 7.8 oz / 221 g (women's size 8)
Stack Height: 44.5 mm heel / 36.5 mm forefoot
Drop: 8mm 

The Mizuno Wave Neo Vista is Mizuno's first super trainer featuring its new Mizuno ENERZY NXT Foam. Combined with a nylon wave plate and the highly rockered ride (Smooth Speed Assist), the Neo Vista is a bouncy, soft, surprisingly lightweight shoe that can excel at a variety of paces. While tuned specifically for training, its midsole combination gives it additional versatility that extends from recovery runs to workouts. A fully knit upper sits up top, providing a normal to slightly lower volume fit throughout the length of the shoe. While there is no heel counter, a high heel tab can cause rubbing, so socks are recommended. A great training companion to the Rebellion Pro 2 and Flash 2, the Neo Vista showcases Mizuno's latest advances that be coming to all their shoes soon.  

Pros: Light for a super trainer, bouncy soft ride, performs well at a variety of paces
Cons: High Achilles tab can cause irritation, lateral logo rubs on small toe

Favorite Lightweight Trainer: New Balance FuelCell Rebel v4 | Review
Weight: 7.4 oz / 210 g (men's size 9); 6.3 oz / 179 g (women's size 8)
Stack Height: 34 mm heel / 28 mm forefoot
Drop: 6 mm

The New Balance FuelCell Rebel v4 is the latest update to New Balance's popular lightweight performance trainer. A complete redesign, the newest version features a wider base, wider fit and a new PEBA-based FuelCell midsole. This makes for a faster, bouncier and more stable ride than previous. While maintaining some flexibility, the Rebel v4 has proved to provide a versatile ride from longer efforts to race pace workouts. This is a great option for those who want a non-plated racing shoe as I have been able to hit race pace efforts, particularly from mile to 10k paces. There is plenty of cushioning that many may be able to use up to the marathon as it has also excellent on longer runs. The new geometry, especially the wider midfoot, makes for an inherently stable base that made for the first truly stable neutral Rebel. All this combined with a wider forefoot, comfortable and secure upper makes the Rebel v4 the best version yet. 

Pros: New PEBA-based midsole provides versatile ride, wider fit, wider/stable base
Cons: Early wear on exposed FuelCell outsole sections, insole folds

Favorite Racing Shoe: ASICS Metaspeed Edge Paris | REVIEW
Weight: 6.5 oz, 185 g (Unisex men's size 9, women's size 10.5
Stack Height: 39.5 mm heel / 34.5 mm forefoot
Drop: 5 mm
The ASICS Metaspeed Edge Paris has been my racing shoe of choice this entire year. This is the newest version, along the the Sky Paris of ASICS racing line up. A new FF Turbo+ PEBA midsole combined with a new rocker geometry provides an incredibly bouncy, fast and rolling ride. A new lightweight upper sits up top that keeps a secure hold while getting out of the way. A thin tongue does have to be set down correctly but a flexible heel counter and great breathability make for a shoe that will work well for those with heel sensitivities and those who want to stay cool. As one of the lightest racing shoes on the market (besides the Sky Paris and Evo Pro 1),  the Edge Paris has excelled for me at all workout types and races or race efforts from 5k to half marathon. It has a more neutral ride, so I am not sure I personally could take it for a marathon distance but those with neutral mechanics will do fine. It is meant for those who accelerate by increasing their cadence, which provides a noticeable boost later in races for those who quicken their stride as they fatigue. This is my favorite racing shoe of the year as it took my daughter Isabella and I to a 16:59 stroller 5k recently and will continue to be my top choice for whatever race we tackle next. 

Pros: Extremely Light, Incredibly Responsive/Fast, Lightweight Breathable Upper
Cons: Tongue Has to Be Laid Down Correctly, Mostly Neutral Ride


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