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The Monday Shakeout: AI Wrote this Shoe Review, Volume 2
By ChatGPT, with some help from Content Manager Bach Pham

Bach: When ChatGPT started becoming popular, we tested the waters to see what it could do with the early version (find Volume 1 here). While the results weren't impressive then, many generations of the robot later we wanted to revisit to see how the program has evolved. In this week's Monday Shakeout, ChatGPT reviews the Nike Pegasus 40. I follow up with some thoughts about its performance and where things are in the running world with AI.

ChatGPT Review of the Nike Pegasus 40

ChatGPT: The Nike Pegasus 40 is the latest iteration in the iconic Pegasus line, known for its reliable performance and versatile design. As a well-established running shoe, the Pegasus 40 aims to continue the legacy of its predecessors while introducing updates to enhance the overall running experience.


ChatGPT: One of the standout features of the Pegasus 40 is its exceptional fit. The shoe provides a snug and secure feel without sacrificing comfort. The updated upper design incorporates breathable materials that adapt to the foot's shape, ensuring a personalized fit. Runners with various foot shapes are likely to find the Pegasus 40 accommodating due to its improved sizing options.


ChatGPT: The Pegasus 40 maintains the series' reputation for delivering a balanced and responsive performance. The midsole, equipped with Nike's renowned Zoom Air cushioning technology, provides a comfortable and springy ride. Whether you're tackling long distances or picking up the pace, the Pegasus 40 excels in providing a smooth and energetic running experience. The shoe strikes a commendable balance between cushioning and responsiveness, making it suitable for a wide range of runners.


ChatGPT: Stability is a crucial factor for any running shoe, and the Pegasus 40 doesn't disappoint. The shoe features an updated outsole pattern that enhances traction and stability on various surfaces. Additionally, the midfoot structure provides adequate support, promoting a stable stride throughout the run. Whether you're running on the road or tackling light trails, the Pegasus 40 offers the stability needed to boost confidence in every step.


ChatGPT: The Nike Pegasus 40 is highly recommended for runners seeking a reliable, all-around performance shoe. It excels in versatility, making it suitable for daily training, long-distance runs, and even speed workouts. The improved fit and updated features contribute to a positive running experience, making the Pegasus 40 a solid choice for both experienced runners and those new to the sport.

Who this Shoe is For

ChatGPT: The Nike Pegasus 40 caters to a broad audience of runners. It's an excellent choice for neutral runners looking for a well-cushioned and responsive shoe for various distances. The versatility of the Pegasus 40 also makes it suitable for runners with diverse training preferences, from casual jogging to more structured training plans. Whether you're a seasoned marathoner or someone just starting their running journey, the Pegasus 40 offers a reliable and comfortable option to support your goals.

(Human) Thoughts

Bach: Overall, ChatGPT has definitely made some advances over its previous version. For one thing, it only took one request for ChatGPT to produce this review. In the first iteration, I really had to prompt it section by section to produce this full review. The process to produce that first review was still relatively quick, but took at least 10-15 minutes of negotiations with ChatGPT.

While it is still a very generically written piece that doesn't go into the nuances of the shoe, I could absolutely see this review all over the internet as far as its tone and relative neutrality goes. We know AI won't replace the quality of human reviews (unless it literally grows legs and starts running - not ruling this terrifying future out), but it's still a concern we have as far as content creators just shoving noise onto social media and the internet. I played with some different questions such as generating a "Tips for Marathon Training" article, and it produced an eerily viable piece that, though plain, would still be convincing enough for a runner to take some points away.

Here's an excerpt of its conclusion:

ChatGPT: Embarking on a marathon training journey requires commitment, patience, and a holistic approach to health and fitness. By setting clear goals, following a structured plan, prioritizing recovery, and maintaining a positive mindset, you'll be well on your way to conquering the marathon and achieving your running dreams. Remember, the journey is as important as the destination, so enjoy the process and celebrate your progress along the way. Happy running!

It is definitely the kind of text you wouldn't be surprised to find on an Instagram post any day of the week. We have major concerns of seeing content creators use AI to make a name for themselves without expertise. It can be sticky territory, which is why we really encourage runners to take the time to vet their sources they see online (you can find out how to do just that by checking out our recent conversation with Ashley Mateo).

It also is such an important time to keep supporting your vetted sources and content creators and the work they are doing daily. Whether you visit here, Believe in the Run, Road Trail Run, Runner's World or work by writers like Ashley Mateo, it's important to keep helping share this content and making it a priority so that AI-driven work doesn't win out in the long term.


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