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FitVille Review: Trying Footwear Made for All-Day Comfort
A Doctors of Running Team Editorial

Recently FitVille reached out to Doctors of Running for a review of their products. The brand aims to provide more comfort through a wider toe-box design. The products are In this feature, Andrea Myers and Matt Klein offer some insights into a few models we received to provide some initial thoughts about the brand and provide some feedback on the designs. Let's dig in!

Fitville Items Tested in this Review
Women's Cloud Wanderer v7
Men's JetCore
Men's Explorer Outdoor Slip-On

Fitville Cloud Wanderer  v7
Price: $59.99
Weight: 9.1oz/259g (women's size 7)
Drop: not provided
Width: Wide

Andrea Myers, Senior Contributor: The Fitville Cloud Wanderer v7 is a firmer riding walking shoe that has a wide overall fit and a stretchy knit upper. It fits true to size in length in my usual women's 9.5 and definitely fits wide throughout the entire length of the shoe. I have been testing the Cloud Wanderer v7 both while walking my dog and for prolonged standing and walking at work. The 5cm EVA midsole is definitely on the firm side, but does break in a little after several days of wear. I found the firm midsole more comfortable for prolonged standing as opposed to walking, but it was fine for my short 1/4-1/2 mile walks with my dog. The knit upper is very high volume and I had no pressure points on the dorsum of my foot. I did experience mild pressure on my 5th toe because of the way the forefoot tapers, which was surprising given the ample width elsewhere. I had to crank the laces down a fair amount to get sufficient foothold due to the lack of structure in the upper. The shoe is quite comfortable sockless due to the soft knit material and well padded heel collar.

I would not personally use this for longer or faster walks due to the firm sole and the pressure on my 5th toe, but this could be a nice casual shoe for those who spend a lot of time on their feet or those who do shorter walks.

Soft upper is comfortable sockless, ample volume in toebox, secure and well padded heel, relatively light weight for a walking/casual shoe, machine washable
Negatives: Firm midsole may not be comfortable for everyone, toebox taper put pressure on my 5th toe

Fitville Men's JetCore Running Shoes v1
Price: $69
Weight: 12.3 oz / 349 g (men's size 9)
Drop: Not Provided, Feels >12 mm
Width: Wide

Matthew Klein, Founder: The Fitville Men's JetCore v1 is a budget walking shoe advertised as a running shoe. A wider and thicker upper sits up top that has a slightly wider volume throughout. I had to really tie down the laces and lace lock these to stop my heels from slipping. The shoe fits slightly short with a tapered toe box but a wider forefoot. This transitions into a wide midfoot and heel. The tongue is not gusseted and does slide if not tied down properly. The heel is highly padded and features a flexible heel counter that did not bother me at all. The midsole is quite firm with little give to it. Although we were not given stack heights or drop, this shoe feels like it has an extremely high, 12-14mm drop. The rearfoot is extremely clunky and uncomfortable during running. There is a tiny, sharply curved central heel bevel that I cannot feel unless I am walking. The midfoot and forefoot transitions are average are average. The forefoot is stiff but is offset slightly by a moderate forefoot rocker.

The JetCore is extremely heavy at 12.3 oz, which is noticeable right away. This shoe feels far better walking as running actually caused me some mild plantar fascial pain. The geometry of the heel also works better during walking, as does the fit. I was unable to get a secure fit and found myself sliding forward into the tapered toe box. Those between sizes may want to consider going up a half size to get the benefits of the purported wide-toe box. Based on the stiff and firm ride, I would keep this for walking as a budget option. 

Positives: Wider fit with slightly higher volume provides room for those with wider/larger feet. 
Negatives: Firm midsole, extremely heavy ride with poor geometry make this a walking and NOT a running shoe.

Fitville Men's Explorer Outdoor Slip-On Shoes v1
Price: $69
Weight: 14.46 oz / 410 g (men's size 9)
Drop: Not Provided, Feels 10-12mm
Width: Narrow/Low/Wide

Matthew Klein, Founder: The Fitville Men's Explorer Outdoor Slip-Shoes is a budget standing/short-distance walking shoe advertised as an outdoor slip-on shoe. A wider upper throughout the length of the shoe with a slightly higher volume for those who need it. There are not laces and it is not possible to secure the upper. The shoe fits a half-size short as I have felt my toes running into the end of the shoe even with thin socks. I would suggest going up a half size if you are wearing thicker socks. The wider fit has caused my feet to slide around quite a bit, making this shoe best for standing indoors and walking short distances on stable terrain. This is not something I would use in the outdoors except for short transitions possibly while camping. This is further emphasized by the entire ride being extremely stiff. The EVA midsole is extremely firm with no give. The insole provides some mild cushion but it is not able to take the edge off of the firm midsole. There is a tiny heel bevel that I did not notice at all. The heel transition is quite clunky and is not something I would consider for walking any distance. It works far better as a stable standing shoe as there is some mild arch support from a firmer and slightly higher arch. The forefoot is moderately flexible and transitions nicely unlike the rear of the shoe.

Although I personally would not use this as a walking shoe, the outsole traction is extremely good. I have used these on a variety of surfaces and never had any slippage issues. Based on the stable and firmer overall ride combined with some arch support and solid traction, I would recommend this as a longer-standing shoe rather than a walking or outdoor shoe. 

Positives: Wider fit with slightly higher volume. Stable with moderately high arch works well for longer-standing. Great outsole traction
Negatives: Half-size small if wearing socks, extremely firm midsole with clunky heel make these better for standing rather than walking. Poor upper security causes sliding.

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