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ROKA Prescription Review: I can see clearly now
By Nathan Brown

In my current stage of life, most of my running occurs in the wee hours of the morning right after rolling out of bed. I've used glasses and contacts daily since I was in 7th grade, and until recently have done all of my running in contacts. For the past 6 months, I've been testing two pairs of ROKA prescription glasses, and here are my thoughts on their performance and how they've changed my habits.

ROKA is an eyeglasses company that emphasizes performance eyewear. They have everything from prescription glasses to sunglasses and have designs specific to a number of different sports. Obviously, around here, we care most about running and this review will primarily discuss performance on the run. However, I need to anecdotally say that I have been a daily contacts user for 20 years, that is, until I received my pairs of ROKA glasses. They have worked so well for me that I rarely pull out my contacts for daily use anymore, let alone for running.

The Ordering Process

I selected and ordered my ROKA pairs fully online. I needed to have my prescription information from my optometrist. All of the other information that was needed I was able to obtain online. This included selecting pairs from the ROKA site (which for me included the Rory 2.0 and Oslo 2.0), obtaining pupillary distance (free from third party websites), and then adding any features to the lenses that you wanted. I received my pairs within 2 weeks of order, and they came with a case, cleaning materials, and ways to modify the nose bridge. I didn't need this, but you can return it for store credit and a $20 fee. There are ways to try before you buy, and I utilized the virtual fit. It allows you to see the size of the glasses on your face by placing a virtual pair via AI using your computer camera. For me, it was very informative as it helped me select the appropriate size, and the AI fit was very similar to how it was when I got them in person. There were no hiccups with the ordering process and no surprise fees. 

Fit and Feel

The two pairs I have were typical prescription glasses. I did not get prescription sunglasses, but they do have those as an option along with non-prescription sunglasses. As I mentioned above, these glasses have been so comfortable that I have fully transitioned to being a glasses wearer instead of contacts. I have a narrow head and often have problems finding ones that fit my face well. Thankfully ROKA has both Small, Regular, and in some cases, XL Size frames. The Small frames fit my face perfectly in both pairs that I received. They are incredibly lightweight and disperse the little weight there is evenly on the face. I have never felt too much pressure behind the ears or on the bridge of my nose. There are a variety of pieces for the bridge of the nose to customize to your face shape. In my previous experiences with glasses, I tended to feel groggy, possibly due to the weight or poor calibration of the lenses, but I have not experienced that in this case. Additionally, I have astigmatism and often have altered depth perception in glasses. Again, this has not been a problem in either pair of my ROKA glasses. Those two reasons are the main factors that contributed to my using the glasses for daily wear. Both pairs have been comfortable, and I feel as though they disappear on my face throughout the day. 

Run Performance

The other question is how they perform on the run. In general, both pairs I have performed quite well, but there are some noticeable differences I will point out. Both pairs are light, do not bounce on the run, and can be worn with and without hats, which I regularly do. On the bridge of the nose and around the ears, there is a rubber compound that they call Geko pads. These pads do a great job of holding the glasses in place, and I have had success with security both on easy runs and harder efforts. There is enough flexibility in the frames to stretch the arms over the top of a running hat instead of having them compressed underneath, which is a big pro for me. Now that it's winter, the glasses have been comfortable underneath my running beanie. The biggest difference has been noticed now that it is colder outside. The frames on the Oslo 2.0 are thicker than the Rory 2.0. I've found that the thicker lenses hold some of the moisture that is formed from my breathing, and they have fogged up a few times when the temperature dips low enough. I haven't had this problem occur with the Rory 2.0. Outside of that, it has been great to be able to wake up at 5am (my typical run time) and head out the door without having to ride the struggle bus of putting contacts in tired eyes.


The ROKA prescription glasses have been a great solution for me for both daily use and running. They are lightweight, have variable fit depending on your face side/shape, and limit bounce with running and other activities. If you're a glasses wearer looking for a stylish and performance oriented pair of glasses, ROKA is worth taking a look at.

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