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Saucony, Brooks Elite Kits Review: Who Will Take You to the Top?
A Doctors of Running Team Editorial

In today's apparel review, we take a look at new kits from Brooks and Saucony. Featuring lightweight, fast-feeling materials, these kits are designed to have you ready for race day. We check out their performance and offer the pros and cons to these race ready apparel.

Saucony Apparel Reviewed
Endorphin Elite Men/Women's Singlet
Endorphin Elite Split Short
Endorphin Elite Boy Short

Brooks Apparel Reviewed
Spring Elite Singlet
Spring Elite Split Short
Spring Elite Short Tight

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Saucony Men's Endorphin Elite Singlet 
Price: $70.00
Material: 100% recycled polyester

David Salas, Senior Contributor
: The Saucony Endorphin Elite Singlet is designed to help bring you the PB on race day. The fit is very streamlined throughout and fits very well for my men's medium. The dimensions are relatively fitted through the shoulders and torso without feeling encroaching. The material is a tad thicker but breathable enough for performance wear. The lettering across the chest is a little noticeable through the shirt with warmer conditions. The material does tend to run in a little warmer and does get a hot spot through the chest when I am really sweating. I could see this being a great singlet for slightly cooler conditions when you do want a little warmth on you.

Positives: Great dimensions throughout with zero to no slippage or irritation
Negatives: Does well in most conditions, though chest can get quite hot and sweaty in warmer/hotter conditions

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Saucony Women's Endorphin Elite Singlet 
Price: $70.00
Material: 100% recycled polyester

Andrea Myers, Senior Contributor
: The Saucony Women's Endorphin Elite Singlet is a nice choice for racing. I really liked the cut of this singlet because it fits a little closer to the body as compared to other women's singlets, which makes it feel more aerodynamic and performance oriented. There is still plenty of room to breathe and move, and the taped bottom hem stays in place and does not ride up. The racerback cut allows for full shoulder movement, and it is a top that nearly disappears when you are wearing it. While the material has small perforations throughout the singlet, I would not choose to wear this on a warmer day because it does get bogged down with sweat and a little clingy. I would also personally prefer that the scoop neckline be cut a little lower for better ventilation, but some people prefer more coverage in that area. I agree with David that this would be a good choice for racing in cooler weather.

Positives: Great semi-fitted cut, taped bottom hem keeps singlet securely in place, no chafing
Negatives: Not the most breathable in warmer weather

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Saucony Endorphin Elite Split Short
Price: $65.00
Material: 86% recycled polyester, 14% spandex. Brief liner: 100% polyester, 92% recycled

David Salas, Senior Contributor
: The Saucony Endorphin Elite short compliments the racing shoe well. The shorts are lightweight, breathable, and you almost forget you have them on. The material is lightweight and wicks material really well. The split in the short is not too deep, though works well enough for turning over without issue. The 2 inch inseam (via running warehouse) feels accurate. The fit is true to size in my Men's Small. The overall dimensions are fitted throughout with a stretchy waistband that does not feel too encroaching. This has been one of my go to shorts for long runs when I know I am going to get sweaty and/or run quicker. There are no pockets in this model on the back, so for those wanting some storage they won't find it here.  Definitely one of my shorts of the year however.

Positives: Lightweight and streamlined for performance running, good fitting throughout, good washing ability
Negatives: No pockets for the storage peeps

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Saucony Women's Endorphin Elite Boy Short
Price: $50
Material: 81% recycled nylon, 19% spandex

Andrea Myers, Senior Contributor: The Endorphin Elite Boy Short is a 2.5" inseam short that is designed for racing. The material is thin, breathable, and comfortable even in hot weather. The waistband is comfortable, sitting below the waist, and does not ride up. I did find that the 2.5" inseam length did not work well with my leg shape - even though the inseam is short, I found the shorts to be cut in a way that restricted my leg movement when running faster. The shorts feel (and look) like they are cut longer in the front as compared to the back, and it felt like my hip flexion was restricted by where the shorts fit just under my glutes. They were fine for easy runs, but definitely both got in my way and rode up when I picked up the pace. These shorts do not have pockets, which limits their utility to shorter runs, unless you run with a pocket bra or fuel belt. These shorts could be a great race short, but unfortunately they were not the best fit for me.

Positives: Breathable, thin material; excellent wicking in hot weather
Negatives: Inseam and fit of short did not work well for me, no pockets

Shop the Shorts at Running Warehouse here.

Brooks Spring Elite Singlet
Price: $75.00 
Material: 89% Recycled Polyester, 11% Polyester

Matt Klein, Founder
: Long ago when I wanted to (and was clearly to slow to ever be) a Brooks Beast, Brooks Elite singlets were a coveted item. Those interested back in the day had to wait patiently on ebay or know someone who worked for the company to get an elite singlet. Now, they are widely available to the public, bringing the same lightweight feel and technology to all of us.

The Brooks Elite Singlet is an example of this. The light, thin, moisture wicking material has a mild stretch that allows to you forget about it and put your mind to running fast. The breathability is extremely good, making this a solid choice for normal and warm/hot weather efforts. The fit is slightly relaxed thanks to the mild stretch, although I found the fit slightly snug around the chest. The length is a little long but this is easily fixed by tucking it into your shorts (my preferred method). The sizing is true except for the slight snugness across the chest. I am normally a size small/medium in singlets and shirts and found this to fit well with a little extra room below the chest. This has a slightly relaxed fit if you are looking for something compressive, but I prefer having the little bit of flexibility afforded by the material and design.

Light, breathable, razorback design, mild stretch with a slightly relaxed fit.
Negatives: Need a matching pair of super shoes from Brooks to go with it

Shop the Singlet at Running Warehouse here

Brooks Elite 3" Split Short
Price: $75
Material: Shell: 100% Polyester, Lining: 88% recycled Polyester, 10% Spandex, 2% Polyester

Matt Klein, Founder
: Long ago when I was first working in running stores, I had a severe chaffing problem on a long humid morning run. I worked a full day at Fit Right NW and was desperate to find something that would let me get a second run in after work. I purchased a pair of Brooks split shorts and completely forgot about the prior damage.

The same comfortable liner exists in the Brooks Elite 3" Split Short, providing comfortable security you can forget about. Being an elite short, the length is quite short. The sides have a partial split, which I am considering using scissors to make a full split. Regardless, the flexibility of the material allows for plenty of range of motion from easy to race day paces. The perforated material provides a high level of breathability best for normal temperatures to warmer days. The fit is true to size with a little bit of extra room. I normally wear a size medium and these shorts fit just right. 

One of my favorite parts of this short are the two pockets. Most elite shorts have no pockets, making carrying gels or keys a task. I have been to so many races where I had no place to put my car keys and this short easily solves that problem. I'm sure even Elite runners need to carry things, so it is nice to have this out of the way space. This makes the Brooks Spring Elite short a great option for a variety of runners wanting something light, comfortable, fast and efficient.

Positives: Extremely light/comfortable, short with full motion for fast running, two solid pockets, true to size
Negatives: Split not as high as it could be, expensive for a split short

Shop the Shorts at Running Warehouse here

Brooks Spring Elite 9" Short Tight
Price: $75.00
Material: 77% Nylon, 23% Spandex

Matt Klein, Founder
: While I prefer half tights for training, being a distance runner I generally prefer split shorts for faster workouts and racing. Elite tights have usually given me issues with being too tight and not having pockets. Fortunately, these were not issues with the Elite 9" tight.

I was sent a size large, when I typically wear a size medium in tights and shorts. However, I found them to fit comfortably. The legs fit perfectly while the waist had a relaxed fit. The waist has an effective waistband that easily secured the area and prevents any slippage. The stretchy soft fabric is incredibly comfortable against bare skin. Due to prior bad experiences, I ALWAYS wear underwear with half tights. This one you might be able to get away with going commando, but I personally would not.

The material moves easily at a variety of paces. At higher speeds it actually does well thanks to the stretchiness. It does run slightly warm, so this half tight works better in moderate to cooler weather. One of my favorite parts of this short are the double pockets. As discussed with the elite shorts, most elite tights do not have pockets. This is challenging for holding keys during workouts/races as well as gels. The Brooks Elite 9" Short Tight has one key/gel pocket on each side, providing space for each one. Like the Elite Split Short, the Short Tight has a little bit of everything. Some efficient storage, plenty of range of motion and the comfort needed for easy and faster miles. 

Comfortable/stretchy material, two side pockets, secure waist band
Negatives: On the warmer side, fits small (go up a size if between sizes)

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