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Newton Running is a brand known for their innovation in both technology and sustainability. They've always been on their own course as a company, shrugging off trends and developing their own unique solutions to problems that other brands have taken much slower strides at. In this guide, we explore the company's background and the tech that makes it one of a kind.

Guide to Newton Running Shoes
Written and Edited by Content Manager Bach Pham

About Newton Running

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." Sir Isaac Newton's Third Law is the foundation of Newton Running's unique philosophy and design. Started in 2007 and based out of Boulder, Colorado, Newton's running shoes focus on their Action/Reaction technology under the forefoot. Using a lug design, it aims to propel runners forward.

Newton is not only unique for their design, but their stance on sustainability. They were the first footwear company to be B-Corp Certified (this is a specific, highly rigorous to obtain designation that identifies that the company is dedicated to uphold their values around being socially responsible and centered around sustainable, eco-friendly development). Focusing their efforts in house first, they made their main offices 100% wind-powered and all in-house waste generated is 90% composted or recycled.

They took their biggest step footwear-wise in 2021 with the relaunch of their entire line using sustainable materials in all parts of the shoe (see below in our technology section to learn more). Each shoe now features recycled materials from four plastic bottles along with an additive called EcoPure which helps solve a longstanding problem with running footwear. Typically taking over 40 or more years to breakdown in a landfill, the additive speeds it up to less than 10 years when left in the right conditions to activate the additive. This is just a few examples of the many ways Newton has looked to be the most eco-friendly, forward-thinking company in regards to sustainability.


Take a look at our past interview with Newton cofounder Jerry Lee and his team
for more insight into the brand.

Technology to Know

Lugs in the forefoot which aim to create a trampoline-like sensation that bounces the runner forward.

NRG+ Foam.
An EVA foam that is surprisingly soft and lightweight.

EcoPure. An additive that is incorporated into their products to help break the shoe down in landfills 75% faster. Featured in the midsole, outsole and membrane of all their shoes today. Note: it does not mean your shoe breaks down 10x faster; EcoPure activates in the right conditions typically found in a landfill, triggering itself to help decompose quickly and effectively.

Hytrel Foam Strobel. Sandwiched between the insole and midsole, the strobel is made of Hytrel which adds a bouncy, responsive element to the shoe.

Breaking Down the Newton Running Line

Newton Training Shoes

Fate (neutral daily trainer) - Newton's everyday neutral training model.
Motion (stability daily trainer) - The stability trainer for the brand, using a medial post that goes deeply through the midfoot. Very lightweight!
Gravity 13 (premium neutral trainer) - The higher stacked, neutral trainer for the brand
Isaac (high cushion trainer) - Newton's most cushioned neutral shoe
Kismet (high stability trainer) - The kismet features stability that runs all the way through the forefoot
Catalyst (performance trainer) - An extremely light, super breathable trainer that is best suited for fast days on the track
Boco AT (trail running shoe) - A versatile trail trainer that is battle ready after vigorous testing in Colorado's rocky terrain

Newton Performance Shoes
Gravity+ (neutral performance trainer/racing) - An incredibly versatile shoe that can do everything from training to racing
Motion+ (stability performance trainer/racing) - Similar to the gravity, but with a sturdy medial post
Distance+ (neutral performance trainer) - Similar to the Gravity, but with a thinned-out upper that aims to run as fast as possible

Science Feature: Calf Stability
By David Salas

Calf and lower leg stability is vital when it comes to Newtons. The main muscle groups we would be looking at here would fall under the triceps surae. The triceps surae consists of the three different muscles. These three muscles are the gastrocnmius, soleus, and the plantaris. Most people are familiar with the gastrocnemius. This muscle has two heads and creates that bulk on the inside and outside of the upper calf muscles that bulge when someone has really defined calves. It is made up of a lot of type II explosive fibers and can create a lot of energy in a quick amount of time. The soleus is primarily oxidative and is a big driver of running economy and endurance. When we have good control and strength of the soleus this is where we can see large improvements in running stability and economy. The soleus controls the forward motion of the shin when we are walking and running. It also has the largest cross sectional area of any of the calf muscles. Though not as "powerful," it plays a much larger role in running mechanics and stability.

With a shoe like the Distance+ or Gravity+, it is much more important to have stability in the calves, especially the soleus. The reason why is because the transition of the shin forward is going to happen a little bit quicker. Bohm et al. (2019) found that reduced shortening velocity of the soleus through the stance phases of the gait cycle may have positive impacts on running economy. Indirectly we can infer that the greater the stability and control we have in the soleus, the less crashing forward we will have. The result of this would greater economy when running. These aggressive Newtons are shoes that will work really well for some that have this area of their leg already developed well, but may take a little adaptive work for others.

Our Newton Recommendations to Try

Best Newton Running Shoe to Try: Gravity+

(A truly versatile shoe that exemplifies all of Newton's best elements)

Best Stability Model:

(An incredibly underrated shoe that merges medial stability with high performance)

Breathable and Super Light for Track Training: Catalyst
(A joy on the track, the Catalyst breathes freely with an airy upper and incredibly light weight)

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