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DOR Podcast #127: The Hard Lessons We Learned from Racing in 2022

For DOR Contributors Andrea Myers and Megan Flynn, 2022 was filled with a ton of training and racing, and not just running. In this episode, they share their training journeys from the past year: everything from workouts, races, injuries, and even triathlons. They also offer tips and strategies to help you better reflect on and learn from your fitness journey.

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Subjective of the Week:
how do you reflect and track your training & racing?

0:00 - Intro 
1:29 - Strategies for reflecting on training & racing 
7:18 - Megan's start to 2022 
13:26 - Cycling & triathlons in the midst of injury 
19:54 - Returning to running 
25:22 - CIM 2022
29:22 - Megan's lessons from 2022 
33:20 - Andrea's start to 2022 
44:54 - Spring & summer racing 
59:54 - Building to & racing the Kiawah Marathon
1:12:55 - Andrea's lessons learned in 2022 
1:18:27 - Wrap-up

Science Feature: Choosing Shoes Based on Responsiveness

In this clip from last week's podcast, Matt and David talk about selecting shoes based on responsiveness. When do you maybe NOT want responsiveness?

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