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DOR Podcast #126:  Let’s Talk All About the Reponsiveness of Shoes

"Responsiveness" is a term often thrown around loosely in the running shoe world, but what does it really mean? On this episode of the podcast, Matt & David take a stab at defining it and exploring its many facets. A shoe's responsiveness depends on the midsole foam, geometry, stiffness, as well as an individual's biomechanics. They also compare and contrast the responsiveness of different shoes and consider what types of events or runs to use different shoes for.

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Subjective of the Week:
how do you define responsiveness in a shoe?

0:00 - Intro 
2:08 - How do you define responsiveness in a shoe? 
13:07 - The combination of factors that make up responsiveness 
17:12 - How individual biomechanics impact responsiveness 
22:14 - Choosing shoes based on responsiveness 
29:52 - Who will/won't benefit from a highly responsive shoe? 
34:27 - Picking the right tool for the job 
38:38 - Wrap-up

Science Feature: Higher Heel Drop

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