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DOR Podcast #119: The Best Running Shoes of 2022, Part 2

We're back with Part 2 of our Best Shoes of 2022. We've tested over 140 shoes in 2022 (!!!) and we're excited to share our favorites of 2022. In this second edition, we're diving into the fast stuff: racing shoes (both short & long distance) and performance trainers. We also cover some of the shoes that disappointed in 2022 and wrap things up with our thoughts on what brands stood out this year.

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The Subjective:
What's been your favorite shoe(s) in these categories?

0:00 - Intro
2:03 - Best Performance Trainers
13:05 - Best Short Distance Racing Shoes
23:07 - Best Long Distance Racing Shoes
34:19 - Most Disappointing Shoes
42:30 - Best Brands of the Year

Science Feature:
Toe Spring 101
By Matt Klein

Toe spring is the rise or curve upward of the sole at the forefoot.  The reasoning behind it is to smooth out the toe off or terminal stance/pre-swing phase of gait as the runner transitions over their metatarsophalangeal joints (most proximal joints of your toes) aka your forefoot (part of it).

This feature of running shoes is commonly used to help roll the foot forward during the end of the stance phase of gait, especially in shoes that tend to be stiff or lack flexibility through the forefoot.  This stiffness can come from a variety of sources.  It can be utilized in overly thick midsoles, common in many of the max cushioned shoes that have been popular recently, especially Hoka One One.  Due to their increased thickness, they tend to have less flex and bend to them. 

Toe spring can also be utilized in shoes with very stiff soles, such as racing shoes with plastic, pebax or carbon fiber plates to aide in propulsion.  A great example of this is the older non-boosted Adidas Adios models with their extended forefoot torsion system.  While this helped make the shoe fast and acted like a lever to increase the torque during toe-off, it definitely made the forefoot very stiff.  Without the toespring, attempting to roll off the forefoot would have felt even more stiff.

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