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Wow, we're at the end of 2022! We can't believe how this year has flown. November was another busy month for us - in fact the busiest of all-time for the site itself. We're grateful for all the love and excited to end the year strong. As always, let's take a look back at some interesting things from the past month, including a preview of a cool thing coming soon.
Ten Things To Check Out From November 2022
at Doctors of Running

1. Meet the Reebok FloatZig

The Zig is an iconic shape in the Reebok lineup, and for the first time ever it's crossing over into the Floatride lineup next year with the introduction of the FloatZig and FloatZig Symmetros. Taking Floatride Energy Foam and twisting it into the unique Zig design offers a lightweight package and shape that runners have come to love in recent year with the interesting styling offered by the Zig pattern. It features 31 mm in the heel, 25 mm in the forefoot for a 6mm drop and should be out next October for $130.

2. Tis the Season: To Buy All the Gear

For this year's edition of our gift guide, we decided to seek out any and all things our team has really come to use over and over again. This is our list of essential items we've leaned heavily on for 2022. From headlamps to running clothes to cookbooks, we hit a big range of items in this year's totally affiliate-free list.

Check it out here:

3. And All the Shoes

We definitely did not forget about the shoes either. Holiday season bring the best in shoe prices, especially as last year's models go on super sale. This is the time of year to start looking ahead to trainers and potentially a few super shoes to start your 2023 year off strong. We picked out the best we could find and added them to our Affordable Running Shoe Guide for December, which you can find here:

4. PEBAX and Carbon Fiber Plate Research in 2022

Our original super shoe science round-up on carbon fiber plates and midsole foams has long been one of our most popular features we've done. After a few years since that feature, our Chief Editor Matt Klein finally has gotten a chance to go back and do an update on the current research of these two areas. There's been some strong advancements in our understanding of each that have only bolstered what we found the first time.

Learn more by visiting the feature here:

5. Dealing with the Pain

This month we spent a lot of time focused on the subject of pain. That is, two very specific forms: the dreaded shin splints, and post marathon injuries.

In Episode 113 of the Doctors of Running Podcast, we dispelled some inconsistencies about shin splints and the popular understanding of them. The team talked about the various things that shin splints can be, and discusses some common treatments through their experience working with runners as Physical Therapists. Listen to the full pod here.

In Episode 115 of the podcast, we dove into common ailments seen post marathon or major races and discussed what a return to running can look like for the average runner. There is a big difference in what elite athletes and the everyday runner can experience when it comes to recovery, and we worked to sort through those differences and discuss what most runners should think about to stay healthy. We also share some unique strategies to softly get back on your feet. Listen to the episode here.

6. A Guide to Using Super Shoes

Speaking of racing, Chief Editor Matt Klein sat down to provide a fascinating mini-podcast on how to prepare yourself for using "super shoes," or carbon plated running shoes with a super foam. He talks through areas of strengthening that can help you better be prepared for the miles you'll log in them and what to watch for in order to keep yourself healthy and strong. Watch his thoughts here, or listen on the run.

7. The Year in New Balance Shoes

It was a truly exciting year over at New Balance. Their new line-up of shoes may have been the most exciting of 2022, from the new 5k-10k SC Pacer to the incredibly priced, 40mm+ SC Trainer, they've had a lot of great additions to their already impressive FuelCell lineup. They also dropped the More v4, which is in contention as one of our best shoes of 2022. Our team discussed New Balance's big year in Episode 112, which you can find here.

8. Super Trainers: Worth the Hype?

Are Super Trainers, these 40mm+ shoes, here to stay? With the introduction of the Adidas Prime X, New Balance SC Trainer, and now Asics Superblast, the new genre of training shoes has arrived to make a big impression on the market. David and Matt sat down to discuss this unique line of shoes and provide a review of the Superblast - the only non-plated, super stacked shoe out of the three newcomers. What are the value of these shoes, and does their place in the market make sense? Listen to the podcast on the run here.

You can also catch our review of the Superblast from the episode on YouTube now, along with a discussion on Super Trainers.

9. See the Night | Running Gadget of the Month

Nox Gear Tracer 2
$59.95 at Nox Gear

The Noxgear Tracer 2 is a staple to my early morning running attire. For the majority of the year, my runs are performed before the sun rises so being seen and safe is a large concern for me. The Noxgear Tracer 2 helps to solve this goal in two ways. First, it helps keep me visible to traffic and other runners using its unique 360 design. This allows me to be seen from all angles but especially from behind where the largest light is. Second, with the help of the attachable Tracer Lamp (purchased separately) I no longer need a headlamp. This accessory attaches to the Tracer 2 vest helping to brighten the trail ahead. As far as fit, the Tracer 2 is highly adjustable. I am able to adjust the size based on what I am wearing underneath. I have no issues fitting it tight over a T-shirt in the summer and a jacket in the winter. This allows it to be versatile for year round use. As an added benefit, both the lamp and the Tracer 2 are rechargeable so there is no need to purchase or change batteries. The Tracer 2 vest has a very long battery life as I can go a couple weeks before needing to recharge. I typically recharge the lamp after each run so I have enough power the next time. For those runners,walkers, and bikers out in the early morning and late evening, the Noxgear Tracer 2 is a great piece of equipment I highly recommend. - Contributor Ryan Flugaur

10. Overlooked, and Underrated Shoe of the Month

361 Degrees is a company that often gets overlooked, and honestly for a long time they just didn't have a lot of shoes that really drew attention. This year has been an interesting pivot for them though, as they have made some big redesigns of their product line to provide some much more forward-thinking rides. The brand new Centauri is a premium example of that, offering a really balanced ride from heel-to-toe at a fairly decently weight. We're thrilled about the new direction 361 has taken and see a lot of big things ahead for them going into 2023. Take a look at our Centauri review to learn more and keep your eyes peeled for them in the coming year.


Coming Soon at DOR

We're not winding the year down quietly. It's Best of season, meaning a lot of our favorite picks will be coming out for the various genres in the next few weeks. We'll also have a lot of new shoe reviews ahead looking towards the beginning of 2023. Happy Holidays!

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