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DOR Podcast #141: From Zzzs to PBs: Enhancing Run Performance with Quality Sleep

This episode is all about sleep! Getting healthy sleep is the biggest performance enhancer out there (yes, even more than super shoes). Nate and Matt are joined Dr. Ryan Wooderson to talk all things sleep. They explore fundamental issues like the physiology of sleep, what "enough" sleep is, and how to adjust after a bad night of sleep. Ryan also gives tips on how to set yourself up for a good night's sleep, optimize your recovery, and more.

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About Ryan Wooderson

Dr. Ryan Wooderson is a physical therapist, biomechanist, and fitness/wellness advocate. He is passionate about helping people move better and live better, for the long run. He earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Regis University and completed his orthopedic residency at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is an orthopedic clinical specialist and his practice focuses on injury prevention and helping athletes return to the sports and activities they love. He has been practicing for 8 years in Denver, CO. You can find him online and Instagram @longrunphysio.


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  0:00 - Intro 
5:00 - Overview of the basics of recovery 
9:22 - What are some signs of insufficient recovery? 
13:23 - The basics of sleep 
20:29 - How much does one night of bad sleep matter? 
24:41 - What to do if you have a bad night of sleep 
27:26 - What is "enough" sleep?
32:01 - How should you change your running plans after a bad night of sleep?
39:59 - What's the role of naps? 
44:56 - The build-up effects of consistently poor sleep 
49:18 - The balance of using running as a stress-reducer 
54:55 - Tips for prioritizing stress-reducing activities 
58:36 - Strategies to set yourself up for good sleep
1:03:04 - The interaction between sleep and running performance 
1:05:16 - Burritos vs. tacos 
1:10:18 - Wrap-up

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