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DOR Podcast #140: Mailbag! Does Footstrike Matter with Super Shoes? Best Stable Neutral Shoes, Pregnancy and Running, and if Super Shoes were a Food

This episode is all about your questions! Matt & David host another Q&A show. Your questions take them all over the place, from stable neutral shoes, building a shoe rotation, running during pregnancy, recovering from an ankle sprain and more! Be sure to stick around for Matt's final, completely absurd question.

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0:00 - Intro 
6:20 - What are your favorite stable neutral shoes? 
9:47 - Which shoes are best suited for treadmils? Soft tracks? 
18:08 - What should you look for in a shoe after an ankle sprain? 
24:13 - How many shoes are necessary for an average shoe rotation? 
28:45 - Why do some shoes cause hot spots or tingling in the feet? 
33:53 - How should training be modified during pregnancy? 
41:04 - What would you (not) like to see in running shoes over the next 5 years? 
44:08 - If you forefoot strike in super shoes, do you get the full benefit? 
47:22 - What causes stiff/painful big toes? 
51:27 - How does running with a handheld bottle impact mechanics?
56:22 - Are carbon orthotics worth using with carbon plated shoes?
59:56 - How can you train and compensate for running on heavily cambered road? 
1:07:42 - If super shoes were a food, what would they be? 
1:10:44 - Wrap-up

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