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We're absolutely shocked to be at the midpoint of 2022, but also excited to be on the verge of some exciting things heading into the second half of 2022! June was one of our busiest months yet with a new guide out, four new podcasts, and some of the biggest shoe releases of the year out now. In this month's round up, we break down the best of the best, and also provide a few hints at what is ahead.
Ten Things To Check Out From June 2022
at Doctors of Running

1. Launching our New Walking Guide

This month we launched our latest guide at Doctors of Running on something we often get a lot of questions on: walking. From basics and science of walking to strength and mobility discussions, we cover a lot of ground before providing a list of shoe recommendations. This is an extensive read that will continue to grow over time like our stability guide. If you have any recommendations, send us an email at for more.

Read the guide here:

2. DOR Giving, June 2022: Girls on the Run

Each month at DOR starting in 2022, a member of our team selects a charity of their choice to donate 10% of our monthly profits to. This month Contributor Megan Flynn selected Girls on the Run for our monthly giving! 
Girls on the Run inspires girls of all abilities to recognize their individual strengths while building a sense of connection in a team setting.
This past week we donated 10% of our earnings - $159.9 - to the organization to help support the work they do! Visit Girls on the Run for more information. You can find a link in our bio to their page to learn more! Additionally, let us know if you decide to also help support the cause this year! We’d love to hear and give you a shoutout.

3. The 3000 Mile Challenge Comes to a Memorable Close

On April 16th, 2022, Shan started to run more than 3,000 miles across America again, this time from Key West to the Canadian border along the East Coast Greenway, hoping to be the first person to run the entire trail. The journey is unique in that Shan will be supported the entire route by his partner Joshuaine, who will be towing all of their supplies by bicycle. This run/ride is to support & raise funds for the East Coast Greenway in its mission of connecting people to place. Along the way they'll cross 15 states averaging 40 miles per day, every day. Yesterday, on July 2, 2022 Shan and Joshuaine finished their run through the Greenway, ending with not just the finish of the journey but also a proposal as Shan and Joshuaine got engaged! Congratulations y'all!

Find our full podcast discussion with them about their adventure here:

4. Introducing our Hydration Series

With the help of Registered Dietitian Jennifer Giles, we launched the first of our Hydration series this past month! Jenn helped kicked things off with a beginner's guide to nutrition to help emphasize the importance of it for your running. As we continue the series, we'll be diving into everything from a product guide to finding some opportunities to answer your questions!

Check out Jenn's beginner's guide to hydration/nutrition here:

5. Developing a Model for the Future of Sustainable Footwear

In the second feature of our Sustainability Series, we spoke with founder Michael Doughty about Hylo - his sustainable footwear company aimed at reinventing how the running industry looked at the future of shoes. From their production with an ultra eco-friendly design to the creation of a new recycling program that takes aim to provide a proof-of-concept showcase, the new startup is taking big leaps forward to accelerate the industry.

Learn more about Hylo's ambitions in our interview here:

6. Monthly Q&A: Saucony Tempus Edition

Question 1:  Just curious, I know you, more than the other DoR panelist favor the Stability platform. That Tempus seems to have a lot of lateral wear in the heel.  Which is a similar to my typical wear pattern except I have that severe wear pattern thru out the lateral 1/3 of my outsole (heel to toe).  Of the three:  the Brooks "Guild Rail" approach GTS vs "medial post" design of the Guide  vs the mid sole foam stability approach, of the Tempus which do you personally prefer in an everyday trainer? Thanks, love the vids & discussion.

Answer 1: Great job question!  My pair of Saucony Tempus has well over 200 miles on them, which I rarely ever get that far on shoes. So it has extremely high durability. 

For me personally, the Tempus stability method works best.  However, others may find different ones work better for them.  The guide has more of a traditional post feeling from the arch bridge.  The guide rail system in the adrenaline GTS actually has a post on the medial side (we found that out from Matt Trudeau) and combines both ideas.  Which works best will depend on your unique mechanics. 

Hope that helps!

Question 2:  Hey DOR team, for those of you who have tried the Tempus and the Arahi, how do they compare as post-less stability shoes?

Answer 2: The Arahi is firmer, more rockered and has a snugger upper compared to the Tempus. I found the Tempus bouncier, wider fitting (still secure) and had a little more flexibility up front comparatively. Both are great shoes and have some versatility into picking up the pace thanks to their lighter weight, but I prefer the bouncier ride of the Tempus personally!  Stability is extremely well integrated in both shoes. The Arahi is a little more biased laterally due to the J frame on the medial side only, compared to the full length guidance from the EVA frames on the medial and lateral side of the Tempus.

Question 3:  I was just wondering what a guidance system means In terms of support. Is it just an overall supportive stable shoe rather than being more biased towards over pronation? Will it still help a lot with pronation? If you get shin splints or knee pain due to lack of cushioning / over pronation would either be a great choice or is one definitely better?

Answer 3: For the needs of cushioning/uncontrolled pronation, either would be a good choice. The use and type of cushioning you want will guide your decision better. The Tempus is softer with the PWRRUN PB midsole, while the Guide 15 is a little firmer with the full PWRRUN midsole. Both are great as trainers, but the Tempus has better versatility over long runs and faster efforts. While the guidance is evident in both, I can feel the plastic arch piece in the Guide 15 more. I personally prefer the maximal guidance (two frames of EVA along each side) rather than the pressure into the arch of the plastic arch in the Guide 15, but others may enjoy it more!  So it really comes down to personal preference and use!

Learn more in our Saucony Tempus review here:

7. Summer, Summer, Summertime

It's hot out there, which is why we have all sorts of summer-related things in mind right now. Our team tackled the heat with two major releases this month. First, we spent several weeks testing all the shorts to help you find a pair to meet your running needs. Second, Andrea and Matt got together for a special podcast to provide not only their summer running tips, but offer some discussion on the current research regarding running in not just the heat, but humidity.

Find our Summer Shorts Review here:

Find our full podcast with Matt and Andrea on summer running here:

8. Current Shoe Deals at Running Warehouse

Our friends at Running Warehouse have some really cool deals going on right now for folks looking for everything daily trainers to their next racing shoe. Here are a few of our favorites we've spotted. Note: the following are affiliate links that support Doctors of Running.

Adidas Adios 6: $83.88
Shop Men
| Shop Women | Read Our

This versatile, lightweight trainer was a sleeper of 2021. Especially great for workouts with it's Lighstrike Pro midsole embedded forefoot.

Adidas Boston 10
Deal: $87.88
| Read our

Our favorite trainer of 2021, it's a bit of a love/hate shoe, but for those who love it like we do it's a special shoe we still reach for today.

Hoka Mach 4: $89.88
Shop Men | Shop Women
| Read our Review

The other fan favorite of not just us, but a large chunk of the running population hits the clearance rack this month, making it one of the best value do-it-alls you can find today, along with....

New Balance Beacon v3: $89.88
Shop Men | Shop Women | Read our Review

This super light do-it-all from New Balance ends with v3 sadly, which means if your a long time fan this is the time to stock up.

9. Shorts for All Your Summer Runs| Running Gadget of the Month

rabbit Beach Break 5" Shorts
$68 at Running Warehouse

We reviewed the Beach Break shorts in our Summer Shorts Guide, but I had to take another moment to shoutout these excellent shorts from rabbit. These 5" shorts have been my absolute go-to as the weather has warmed up. They breath incredibly well, have great pockets that are slim and stay out of the way. They feature a nice hidden zip pocket in the right pocket along with . The slight split helps not just with the breathability, but ease of motion not just running but for lateral movement as well during my time using it for basketball. These are also just really comfortable shorts I've felt comfortable hanging out in after a run as I'm cooling down. I really enjoy the base navy color for it's ease of matching with any of my running shirts, but for those who want a little more beach in their life there are other choices as well to spice things up. Having been able to test a large variety recently, these are a pair I just keep coming back to time and time again.

10. Site Updates

Just an FYI, we've added all our recent guides to the top of our Desktop (bottom of Mobile) site for ease of access. It is our goal to keep working on the set of guides we have available now and make them as comprehensive as we can for the future as we test more and more shoes and keep up with literature. Please make sure you check out all our unique pages and give us feedback at on how we can improve. Find all of our major guides here:

Beginner's Guide to Running Shoes: Are you a brand new runner and unsure where to start? Visit this guide first to get started.
Stability Shoe Resource Page: Our comprehensive guide to stability shoes and alternatives for neutral runners as well
Carbon Fiber Plated Shoes Resource Page: Want to go as fast as possible for race day? Visit this page for all of our super shoe reviews
Guide to Walking Shoes: Featuring some science behind walking and the best running shoes for walking based on our everyday testing and clinical experience working with patients.
Getting the Right Fit: Unsure if your shoe fits? Visit this page to help you determine how to find the right shoe for your feet. Comfort is one of the most important things we emphasize at Doctors of Running before you get out the door and on the road. Sometimes the right shoe for you is not what works for many others. That is why it is important to try different shoes when you can to get a better understanding of works best for your needs.
Beginner's Guide to Nutrition/Hydration: Guest writer Jennifer Giles (Registered Dietitan/Nutritionist) helps bring a new guide for fueling to Doctors of Running as part of our summer hydration series.

Bonus: Launching our Doctors of Running Ko-Fi Account

Particularly in the last few months, we have had some folks send us amazing messages about our work. We are super appreciative of all the kind words and absolutely thrilled that things we have worked on have had meaning to runners who have visited our site. A few individuals, however, have indicated that they would really like to send a direct thank you for what we do. After years of debate, we decided to go ahead and start a Ko-Fi account to allow donations to the team. Funds received from Ko-Fi will help go towards future Doctors of Running projects, including new guides, comparative reviews, and tools to help improve what we do. If you decide to shoot us a Ko-Fi, know we really, really appreciate the support and will do our very best to keep doing what we do and growing each day. Thank you!

Visit our Ko-Fi page here to contribute:

Coming Soon at DOR

This Wednesday we're launching the first of two BIG podcasts from a brand we're all going to be talking a lot about this summer. Additionally, we have some more interesting features coming at you in July along with a new sustainability piece from a recent brand we reviewed along with a few more exciting shoe reviews we know you have been waiting for. A reminder to check us out on our YouTube for a lot of fun Sub 2 comparisons coming soon as we finish all our super shoe testing for mid-year. Additionally, we have another mid-year financial report coming soon to help share where we are today. Thanks for reading and spending time with us at DOR!

Have questions? Send us an email at

Thanks for reading!

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