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DOR Podcast #93: Shan Riggs & Joshuaine Grant's 3000 Mile Journey Through the East Coast Greenway

Today Andrea and Matt are joined by two very special guests: Shan Riggs and Joshuaine Grant. On April 16th, 2022, Shan started to run more than 3,000 miles across America again, this time from Key West to the Canadian border along the East Coast Greenway, hoping to be the first person to run the entire trail. The journey is unique in that Shan will be supported the entire route by his partner Joshuaine, who will be towing all of their supplies by bicycle. This run/ride is to support & raise funds for the East Coast Greenway in its mission of connecting people to place. Along the way they'll cross 15 states averaging 40 miles per day, every day. We hear from Shan & Josh about what it takes to take on such an epic trek: training, supplies, nutrition, and, of course, shoes. To learn more & donate, check out their website:

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0:00 - Intro 
1:05 - The Subjective: How many days per week do you run? 
1:30 - Shan & Josh's trip up the East Coast Greenway 
5:53 - Shan & Josh's background and training 
13:53 - Supplying and organizing their trek 
21:47 - Surprises & challenges along the way 
24:40 - Injury prevention & pain management while ultra-running 
33:50 - How do you fuel yourself on a 3000 mile journey? 
43:36 - The most memorable parts of their trip 
47:17 - What's next on their journey 
49:44 - Advice for anyone interested in ultra-running 
52:15 - Wrap-up

Science Blog: Mobility Requirements for Walking
By DOR Editorial Team

To walk efficiently and without putting yourself at risk for injury, there are requirements of motion for your hip, knee, and ankle. Some important motions that walking demands (during various points in the gait cycle include:     

15-25 degrees of hip extension    
Near full knee extension (no more than lacking 5 degrees of knee extension)    
10 degrees of ankle dorsiflexion    
4-6 degree of ankle eversion (yes, pronation is normal)    
60 degrees of great toe extension 

Lacking mobility in any of these motions should prompt you to see a physical therapist to learn techniques to gain appropriate motion. If you have a condition that prevents achieving full mobility (such as a fused great toe or a stiff knee following knee replacement surgery) possible modifications to footwear choices can help accommodate for loss of mobility. With all of the options on the market, it is possible that a shoe can be purchased to suit your needs instead of having a need for custom orthotics. For guidance in this realm, consult your physical therapist.

Excerpt from our new Walking Guide, found here.

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