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DOR Podcast #87: Does Every Shoe Need a Plate? Discussing the Biggest Midsole Trends Right Now

Nate, DJ, and Matt take a look at all the current trends in shoe midsole designs. Do new generation foams really help performance? Are softer shoes better? Do rockers, guidance lines, and higher stack shoes make a difference? What about plates: how much do they improve running economy? Join us for a look at these questions and more.

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Memorial Day is coming up, which means lots of deals on your favorite running shoes over the past year is coming up. There's some great shoes you'll want to keep an eye on that we've loved including the Hoka Carbon X2, Saucony Ride 14, and Asics Magic Speed. Spring is also in full gear with some big releases out now including the Nike React Infinity 3, Asics Cumulus 24 with their new Flytefoam Blast Midsole, and the Saucony Axon 2. Additionally, there's a big Brooks Bra sale for 35% off starting mid-May for runners looking to stock up and get ready for the summer. Running Warehouse has been a longtime favorite of ours for their fantastic variety and excellent customer service. Check them out!

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0:00 - Intro 
1:48 - The Subjective: What's your current favorite midsole foam? 
13:40 - Trends in misoles foams 
25:23 - Trends in midsole geometries 
35:24 - Dovetail heels  39:05 - Guidance lines 
43:07 - Midsole cutouts 
53:29 - Trends in shoe stack height 
1:02:53 - Trends in midsole drop ratio 
1:05:21 - Trends in midsole plates 
1:15:41 - Future trends 
1:24:19 - Wrap-up

Science Blog:
What are Lasts, and Getting the Right Fit

By DOR Team

When we talk about lasts, that's the shape of the shoe. Each shoe company, even within the company, will have lasts based on different things. Some will take the shapes of a bunch of different people's feet and do an average of that. Sometimes it is based on an athlete, or a group of wear testers. It will vary. 

Your goal should be finding the fit that is the best match to your foot. It might not be exact - it's why Doctors of Running started, Chief Editor Matt Klein trying to find shoes that fit his foot perfectly... which he hasn't... because no one has made a shoe based on his foot (anyone?) - but you need to make sure the shoe fits your foot well. In some cases you might want a snug fit, but your feet need to be able to breathe. There are some important structures in your extremities where the arteries, veins, and nerves are more exposed compared to your back for instance which protects those nerves more extensively compared to the nerves exposed on the foot. 

When it comes to nerves, which is where people frequently get irritated, nerves need three things: they need space, blood flow, and movement. If you take any of those three things away, you nerves are going to talk to you, aka often with searing numbness from nerve compression. That's why a shoe should have enough room for you, not too much where you are sliding around, but a goldilocks fit. Sometimes that may involve varying sizes and not being rigid to your regular size. Sometimes it’s looking at another brand or within brand. Experiment to learn more about your needs to help find the right shoe for you.

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