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DOR Podcast #85: All About Trail Shoes

Matt & David take a deep dive into trail shoes today. They take a look at different types of trail shoe offerings (hybrid, racing, technical, etc.), different types of terrain, and more. They also explore stability & support features in trail shoes. Finally, they review the Hoka Speedgoat 5.

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This week's episode is sponsored by our friends at Running Warehouse! Spring has sprung, which means a lot of new releases we've reviewed and loved have finally arrived, including the Hoka Carbon X3 and soon -to-be-released Asics Cumulus 24. The Cumulus, featuring their new Flytefoam Blast midsole, was a huge surprise for us and an early favorite trainer for 2022. Spring also means shorts season! Running Warehouse has you covered with a host of new offerings along with a few of our favorites like Chief Editor Matt Klein's all-time favorite, the BOA 1' split short (link below!). Head over to to check it all out!

Our Team's Current Running Warehouse Favorites:

Matt's Favorite Shorts from BOA: Link
Nathan's Favorite Hat from Ciele: Link
David's Favorite Short Sleeve from Rabbit: Link


0:00 - Introduction 
2:40 - The Subjective: Do you use trail shoes? 
7:09 - What makes a trail shoe a trail shoe 
17:53 - Components of technical trail shoes 
21:50 - Terrain that necessitates trail shoes 
30:30 - The function of plates in trail shoes 
35:04 - Stability in trail shoes 
41:35 - Hoka Speedgoat 5 Review 
56:13 - Final thoughts

Science Blog:
The Difference Between Vibration and Percussion

By Contributor Nathan Brown

Vibration typically focuses on more superficial structures and is “down regulatory” on the nervous system. Percussion is typically reaching deeper structures and has an “excitatory” effect on the nervous system. One this that has been found, therefore, is that utilizing this technology like Hyperice product has an effect on receptors found in the that have an effect on proprioception (pacinian corpuscle). However, although percussion and vibration are defined in this way there is individual variation in down and up regulation frequencies. 

The main difference between vibration and percussion is in the frequency:
Vibration: <50Hz
Percussion: >50Hz 

But do They Work? Ultimately, yes, but they are not in and of themselves magical tools. They are more appropriate for augmenting routines and warm ups. A consistent thing seen in third party literature is a short term decrease in muscular stiffness. There also have been signs that delayed onset muscle soreness has been reduced when utilizing these products immediately after a workout. However, there hasn’t been anything that shows that there is an effect on proprioceptive awareness or maximum strength despite it’s effect on the various mechanoreceptors. However, muscular endurance does seem to be increased in the short term, possibly due to increased oxygenation or the excitatory effect on some of the mechanoreceptors.

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