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DOR Podcast #89: Flexible vs. Rigid Forefoots, with Kofuzi!

Matt and DJ are joined by a very special guest, Michael Ko (aka Kofuzi)! Kofuzi tells us about his background and the growth of his YouTube channel. They take a look at his journey to 100,000 subscribers and what's next for his channel. Finally, they investigate the effects of a flexible or rigid forefoot - the biomechanics implications and what type of runner may want each kind of shoe.

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0:00 - Intro
1:29 - The Subjective: Do you prefer a flexible or rigid forefoot? Why, and for what purposes?
1:42 - Introducing Kofuzi
9:32 - The significance of 100K YouTube subscribers
19:53 - The state of running culture & media coverage
31:05 - Kofuzi's goals and vision for his channel
40:42 - The basics of the forefoot of shoes
44:51 - How shoe design impacts forefoot flexibility or rigidity
47:13 - The impact of plates on forefoot rigidity
51:08 - The benefits of a flexible or rigid forefoot
1:06:51 - Midsole nostalgia: adapting to midsole changes over time
1:13:17 - Wrap-up

Science Blog:
Why on earth would I want to stop training in plated shoes?
By Andrea Myers

They [plated shoes] improve running economy and reduce stress on the ankle and 1st MTP joints. Anecdotally, many runners feel that they reduce post-exercise muscle soreness and improve recovery between workouts. They made my legs and feet feel better on easy days when I was in the middle of marathon training and are just fun to run in.  The main reason I stopped training fully in plated shoes is that I noticed that the plate and rocker design were covering up a bad biomechanical habit of pushing off with the lateral aspect of my left forefoot. I was starting to have some medial ankle pain during and after training in a plated shoe (due to overactivity of my posterior tibialis) and wanted to nip the problem in the bud. With an eye towards longevity in the sport, I decided to get back to basics and work on my foot strength and biomechanics.  I knew I wanted a flexible shoe with 6mm or less drop, a wider toe box, and a responsive midsole. The Cyclone ended up being a great choice and, as an added bonus, gave me confidence that my training paces weren’t artificially inflated by the use of a plated shoe. After a few weeks of zero running in plated shoes, my medial ankle pain went away and I no longer tended towards pushing off too far laterally. I continue to race in plated shoes and really enjoy the rocket feeling of putting on my Vaporfly Next% or Endorphin Pro 2’s on race day. Plates and rockers are great tools, but the body responds to specific training conditions, and I felt the plate was reducing the work required of my 1st MTP joint and foot intrinsics. Running shoes with a flexible forefoot make pushing off at the lateral forefoot uncomfortable and unnatural, but shoes with a plate and rocker act as a crutch and cover up sloppy biomechanics.  

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