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Boo! It's the end of October, which is scary in it's own right with how fast this year has flown by. We had all the things happening this month, from Nathan's marathon run to a host of surprise reviews coming in as we try and end 2021 with a neat bowtie. Today we not only go over what's been going on at Doctors of Running, but tackle some Fall and Winter essentials we really love for getting you going into the colder days ahead.


Winter has come. Okay well it's actually Fall, but the cold weather is coming for many, which means it's time to start thinking about layering up! We assembled a few of our favorite tools to help get past the cold weather and warm you up on your runs. Here's five of our favorite Fall and Winter essentials:

Mizuno Breath Thermo Vest | Brooks Run Visible
The value of a good outer layer is often the key to keeping warm. Our Senior Contributor Nathan Brown lived through some frigid Wisconsin weather last year with just the vest and a good base layer. Breath Thermo uses special fibers to take sweat and regenerate it into warmth. The vest does a great job at keep your core warm while providing you your arm mobility to get them going for your winter workouts. Running in the dark? Shift over the Brooks Run Visible to get yourself a little bit of brightness in the night.

Rabbit EZ Long Sleeve
The Rabbit long sleeve checks all the boxes for Fall runs: it's the perfect blend of softness, durability, and comfort. It is a bit of an investment upfront, but our runners have used this shirt for over a year with no issues. This is a very breathable long sleeve as well, perfect for those who have milder Fall weather ahead, but wants protection from the elements. The shirts fit true to size. Learn more from our rabbit EZ Tee Collection review here.

Mizuno Breath Thermo Gloves
Hand warming is vastly underrated when it comes to winter running. Warming hands early can help let your body focus on warming what's most important: your vital organs. Keep a pair of gloves like the Breath Thermo to help keep your hands toasty and your heart warm in freezing weather. Consider a knit pair like these New Balance gloves if you get warm easily, but want protection in a slimmer package.

Ciele Beanie
Protecting your head and ears are vital to ensuring you can get the most out of your long run. There's nothing worse than cold ears an hour into your effort. We're big fans of Ciele for their simple fit and high quality. They fit true to size and have nice stretch to accommodate various head sizes.

Janji Transit Pant
Pants are a no-brainer, but it doesn't hurt to have extra soft, comfortable pants while you are out just trying to rack up winter mileage. These pants are not only light, but water resistant and wind repellent. Janji's zippered pockets make sure you can carry all the things.


Daily Trainers
XTEP Ultra Fast 2.0 -
An incredibly value option at $75 (more with code) for a shoe that can do a little bit of everything
Topo Athletics ST-4 - One of the best minimal shoes we've tried all year. Accommodating zero drop
Adidas SL20.2 - Powered by a thick slab of lightstrike foam, a great trainer that can pick up the pace
New Balance FuelCell Prism v2 - A very mild posted shoe that could work for neutral runners, with nice uptempo abilities for those who need some medial support
Newton Catalyst - Very light, very breathable workout shoe that's great on the track
Adidas Supernova+ - Old school Adidas Boost and Bounce foam gives this shoe a dated feel, but still rides well and is a good rec for beginner runners
Adidas Prime X - We weren't even sure how to really label this shoe. An experience at 50mm

Asics Metaspeed Edge - The low profile sibling to the Sky, best for shorter distances and faster paces
Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 - Our new contributors offer their impressions, comparing the new with the old


Contributor Nathan Brown's Lakefront Marathon | EP 59
Nathan talks about his sub 3:30 run, including the ups and downs of his training. One of our favorite episodes of all time. We also the discuss the Endorphin Pro 2

Which Carbon Shoes Provide the Best Running Economy? | EP 60
In today's episode, Matt sits down with Dustin Joubert to talk about the physiology behind Super Shoes. Dustin has a PhD in Exercise Physiology and is a professor at Stephen F Austin State University. He has been conducting running economy research regarding how people respond to a various number of the current super shoes, including the Alphafly, Vaporfly, Metspeed Sky, Rocket X, and Endorphin Pro (among others). They talk about the results of his current research (linked below), plans for future study, and recommendations for how different runners should (or shouldn't) use this date to inform their purchases for running shoes.

Adidas Adios Pro 2 - Team Review | EP 61
We talk about the unique Adios Pro 2, which not only packs all the technology, but has some interesting design choices that make it stand out among the rest.

Asics Metaspeed Edge - Matt dives into the Edge, exploring the differences between the Edge and the Sky
Treating Big Toe Joint Pain for Runners - We answer a question on exercises and shoes for big toe pain
What are Stable Neutral Shoes? - We explore what we mean by the category and offer examples
Puma Deviate Nitro Elite - Long Run Review - Senior Contributor David Salas talks about his 21.5 miler in the Nitro Elite. Marathon ready?
New Balance RC Elite v2 Review - Matt talks how the super soft RC Elite and it's function as not only a marathon shoe, but one for first timers
XTEP Ultra Fast 2.0, $75 value? - David talks about the ride and quality of this budget trainer which might surprise some

Note: Links provided are Affiliate links to Running Warehouse.
These links help support Doctors of Running if you are interested in making a purchase! Thanks so much.

Topo Athletic Magnify 4
Release: Coming Soon

Topo's max cushion, zero drop trainer is a beautiful combination of width, comfort, and balance that all fit the brand's identity well. We're really excited about this lesser known model from the brand and can't wait to share some thoughts soon on this surprising late 2021 entry.


Deckers X Lab Wool X-SCAPE Low

Release: Available now at Deckers X Lab

So. Freaking. Comfortable. Deckers x Lab makes recovery footwear perfect for runners, using some of their Hoka, UGG, and Teva minds. Their Wool edition revamps the upper into a beautiful, soft wool fit for winter months. The shoe itself has a mild, Hoka-like rocker combined with a super soft underfoot ultra soft polyurethane (PU) foam.

Asics DS Trainer 26
Release: Available now (Running Warehouse)

The favorite shoe of Olympian Deena Kastor, ithe DS Trainer 26 is the latest edition of the Asics stability trainer. The shoes features Flytefoam with a Duomax stability in the medial side to help provide support. The DS Trainer is one of the lightest stability shoes in the market, providing a reliable workout trainer for long time stability users.

Adidas RC3
Release: Available now at Adidas

The RC3 is a very light, very fast workout trainer sporting Adidas Lightstrike. The torsion system provides a snappy takeoff in tandom with the thin profile of the shoe. Boston fans may find a lot to like here.

On Cloudace 2021
Release: Available now at On Running

On Running's Cloudace is their premium stability shoe with the most cushion available from the brand. The brand uses geometry to create a wide base and in tandem with an extra wide Speedboard which helps provide a stable platform for any runner.

Adidas Terrex Agravic
Release: Available now

Adidas upgrades its Terrex model to provide both a cushioned and stable experience thanks to an adaptive plate embedded in the shoe. This is protective ride built from Adidas for the long haul, well past 26.2 miles on trail.

Inov-8 RocFly G 390
Release: Available now at Inov-8

Inov-8 takes their graphene technology and puts it into a brand new hiking boot model from the brand. The RocFly utilizes their new graphene-infused midsole to provide a very light and nimble experience underfoot.


Each Friday on our Instagram and Facebook we are excited to be sharing different discussions on shoe science between our team members and down the line with members of the running community.

Stride vs. Cadence, the Missing Equation, By Chief Editor Matt Klein
Does Foot Placement Matter? | Overstriding, By Senior Contributor Nathan Brown


As we rush towards the end of 2021, we're going to start assembling some of our end of year lists along with a few big features we've been looking forward to finishing and sharing with you. We also have some great interviews in the works for our latest podcasts, including an industry veteran. Thanks so much for following us at Doctors of Running! If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to shoot us an email at

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New Balance Rebel v2:
One of the most fun trainers of 2021 so far
Asics Metaspeed Sky: Chief Editor Matt Klein can't stop racing in it, even on trails (not advised)
Hoka Arahi 5: One of the best stability shoes of the year, and the best walking shoe as well. Versatile.
Feetures Socks: Massively grippy socks that will make you feel more one with the shoe
Huma Chia Gel: Natural and goes down easy. Powered Contributor Nathan Brown to his marathon
Trigger Point Foam Roller: Help get those knots out post-run and feel better for tomorrow
Theragun Massager: This small version is great on the go for working tired legs
Ciele Hat: Our team's favorite running hat of choice!

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