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Hey runners! Welcome back to another monthly round-up at Doctors of Running. It was another busy month for us with ten new shoe reviews, three new podcasts, and a ton of new videos. While all that is going on, much of our team is ramping up for their Fall racing efforts! Nathan Brown is tackling the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon this Sunday while David Salas and Megan Flynn are ramping up their California International Marathon training for December. All this means we have a lot of marathon thoughts in our head which we'll surely dive into this Fall.

In this month's round-up, we talk a bit about the price of shoes before diving into the busy month that was September.

A Look at the Costs of Shoes Today

It's crazy to think that shoes used to cost under $100. Today the average price of the daily trainers has jumped into new territory has shoes become more complex and materials become more expensive. Perhaps most surprising here is how Nike manages to use its market strength to competitively price the Pegasus. A large part of that is likely in how many they sell annually. Other companies likely have higher costs of materials, meaning they have to price slightly higher to match profits.

Stability has always come at a premium, particularly the higher end models. The interesting thing to note here is the difference between the cost of posting vs. implementing guidance. The complicated costs of molding midsoles to have dual densities on top of the premium materials likely play a large role here.

The Nike Vaporfly changed the game completely, offering runners a whole new way of breaking personal goals. It was only just a few years ago you could get the top end of marathon running for far less than half of the price of super shoes right now.

Sneaker culture in general has been a part of our society since the 1970s. When underground hip-hop culture started to develop, sneakers were the shoe of choice. This reached its first heights when Run-DMC connected with Adidas and launched their famous "My Adidas" track. In 1984, sneaker culture exploded with the release of Air Jordans, which became the very first "It" sneakers that helped transcend the footwear from merely "cool" to status symbols. Anyone who was anyone had to have a pair, something that Jordans still have the power to do today with each year's release. Since then, it's become a part of the NBA culture to reach a level that earns you your own shoe line.

The thing is, while basketball shoes have evolved greatly past Chuck Taylors that used to dominate the game and have an important function, for many fans they were purely status symbols. It was footwear everyone had to have to celebrate their favorite players, or standout in the community. Sneaker culture itself evolved as designers became involved and started creating limited edition designs and customizations.

This tangent takes us back to running and why today's new super shoe price tag is surprising. Unlike sneaker culture, there is a big difference between the two in that running shoe culture has absolutely nothing to do with style. The super shoe movement in running today was sparked by performance, with Kipchoge running a sub-2 hour marathon to help fuel the carbon plated shoe revolution. Performance-driven construction is not the typical way prices have gone up in shoe design previously. It has typically been a combination of using rare materials and unique design that's helped fuel the cost of sneaker culture. For running shoes though, it's been something entirely different with the focus on crafting the fastest shoe possible that's the perfect combination of speed, comfort, and fluidity.

Perhaps most interesting in this chart is the amount of shoes that have reached the $250 ceiling. An important thing to note is that there is a higher amount of carbon fiber in the most top end of the shoes. Many of the shoes under the $250 range have unique modifications which cut down how much plate is needed in the design. That doesn't change how complex it is to make, but in terms of raw materials may help with competitive pricing.


Daily Trainer
Puma Deviate Nitro - We check out the training companion to the Elite!
Saucony Endorphin Shift 2 - Our newest contributors tackle the latest Shift and it's improvements (along with some major concerns on fit)
Reebok Floatride 3 Adventure - While a trail model, we feel the Adventure is best labeled as a road to light trail with a protective, supportive upper ontop the Floatride Energy 3 midsole
Hoka Rincon 3 - The Rincon gets more durability in the outsole with added rubber to help protect the midsole for longer mileage
New Balance Fresh Foam X 860v
12 - A totally refined upper helps bring new life to the 860 stability model

Asics Fuji Lite 2 - A light, nimble, eco-friendly trail shoe that's fast and fun

Saucony Endorphin Pro+ - A new lightweight upper gives this limited release a fast, track-shoe like fit for raceday
Newton Running Gravity+ - Newton's foray into the plated racing world offers an exciting toe off between their action/reaction lugs and plate
adidas Adizero Avanti TYO - Adidas super spike with Lightstrike Pro and energy rods for middle distance running
XTEP 160x 2.0 - XTEP's "Vaporfly" was one of the first carbon plated shoes in the market. This update brings refinements all-around

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Asics Fuji Lite 2 Review

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Note: Links provided are Affiliate links to Running Warehouse.
These links help support Doctors of Running if you are interested in making a purchase! Thanks so much.


The SL20.2 comes after the popular 2020 release of the "Super Light" workout trainer. Version two, however, offers a major overhaul with a thicker lightstrike midsole and more relaxed upper, transitioning the shoe away from workout trainer to lightweight daily.

New Balance Fuelcell Prism 2
Release: Available now at Running Warehouse
The Prism is a very mild stability shoe for those who want a stable, lightweight platform. We enjoyed last year's version due to New Balance offering something that's soft and bouncy, yet still stable - a rarity in the stability market. This is importantly not a shoe for those who have high stability needs, as the medial post is very minor.

Brooks Cascadia 16
Release: Available now at Running Warehouse

The Cascadia is a trail staple in the Brooks line. True to Brooks, it's a beautiful combination of high quality design, durability, and fit. This year's model features an updated midsole with added cushion. Some flexibility has also been added to the rock plate to loosen up rigidity a touch.


Altra Paradigm 6
Release: Available now at Running Warehouse

Yes, we have Altra in the house! We are tackling the Paradigm 6, their stability max cushion offering. Altra's unique features include a zero drop midsole - 34 mm in the Paradigm - and a nice, wide fit. The Paradigm features guidance as its method of support to help center runners in tandem with a wide platform. This year's edition comes with a major update with new EgoMAX cushioning.


Altra Lone Peak 5
Release: Available now at Running Warehouse
We also are diving into the Lone Peak 5, their classic trail model. This is their daily trainer model for the trails, offering a moderate cushioned, nimble, and protective trail shoe that can handle a wide variety of tasks.


Each Friday on our Instagram and Facebook we are excited to be sharing different discussions on shoe science between our team members and down the line with members of the running community.

Transitioning to a Lower Drop, Lower to the Ground Shoe, By Chief Editor Matt Klein
“Watch” Out: Technology and Running, By Contributor Ryan Flugaur
High vs. Low Drop Shoes, By DOR Editorial Team
Proprioception Basics, By Contributor Andrea Myers


October is going to be a huge month as we get ready to release some new features at Doctors of Running! We also have tons of shoe reviews ahead that we're really excited, including some exciting picks coming in from abroad (!!!). Finally we're continuing to grow our podcast by the week. We've had an amazing time shaping the future of the pod around viewers and hope to keep answering your questions! Connect with us via social media or at so we can answer more of your running questions.

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Asics Metaspeed Sky
: Chief Editor Matt Klein's go-to racing shoe right now
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