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Vuori Apparel Review
By Founder/Chief Editor Matt Klein,
Contributor Andrea Myers, and Content Manager Bach Pham

Vuori has been making a consistent and calculated push over the last several years into the sector of high-performance activewear. Starting in the California coastal city of Encinitas, it was originally born to fill a gap that founder Joe Kudla noted. During a period of time when women's activewear was taking off, the same high-quality clothing that could double as active and formal casual wear was limited for men. While their origins started there, they have expanded into a 50/50 equal focus on both men and women. Our team had the opportunity to test some of their pieces and found them to be some of the softest and most comfortable apparel items we have tried. The use of each varied quite a bit, but much of the Vuori apparel will continue to have a place on our torsos and legs in the future. 

Vuori Apparel Items Reviewed

Lux Performance Tank | $44

Halo Performance Short | $64
Kore Shorts | $68
Strata Tech Singlet | $48
Tradewind Performance Tee | $48
Strata Tech Polo | $64
Fleet Pant | $118

Women's Lux Performance Tank
Price: $44 at Running Warehouse

Material: 88% polyester, 12% Elastane

Andrea: The Lux Performance Tank is the softest, most comfortable workout/casual tank that I own. Vuori is known for their amazingly soft, high performance fabrics and the Lux Performance Tank is true to form. I don't have many running tanks that I would wear into a coffee shop, but this tank seems made for workouts and casual wear. I received a size small, which fits well. The top is more fitted through the chest without being constrictive, and slightly flowy but not loose below the waist. The top is on the longer side, hitting slightly below my hips. I really like the racerback design because it frees my shoulder blades and lets my shoulders and upper back breathe on hot days. I tested the top during runs in the 70s and 80s and found it to wick sweat extremely well, even on hotter days. It did not get that wet garbage bag feeling that some performance tops tend to get, where it feels like the material sticks to your skin and makes you hotter. I also wore it casually and found it very comfortable and appropriate for walking my dog and running errands in the summer heat. A Vuori design feature that I like are its understated logo - there is just a small beige logo at the left hip, leaving the rest of the top looking clean. The tags are tear-away, so there is no risk of chafing or irritation from a tag. Overall, I really like this top and its versatility adds to its value.

Fit: A (fits true to size, not too tight or too loose, I like the longer length for casual wear)
Performance: A 
(Vuori's fabric wicks extremely well, is exceptionally soft, and is versatile for both workouts and casual wear)
Comfort: A (exceptionally soft and comfortable to wear, no chafing)
Overall: A (great combination of performance and comfort, excellent fit, wicks well in summer temps)

Women's Halo Performance Short
Price: $64 at Running Warehouse

Material: 89% Recycled polyester, 11% Elastane

Andrea: The Halo Performance Short is the shorts version of Vuori's popular Performance Jogger. They both use Vuori's DreamKnit material, which is incredibly soft and comfortable. I normally run in short tights to avoid chafing issues I have experienced with regular, looser fitting shorts. I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort and performance of the Halo Performance short, as I had no chafing issues and really forgot that the shorts were there during my runs. The material wicks well and the slightly wider leg openings keeps the material away from your skin, even as the shorts get sweatier. The short has a mid-rise with a drawstring, which I found comfortable and non-constrictive. I received a small, which fits true to size. I love that Vuori includes two regular hip pockets, one of which has a hidden zip pocket. The hip pockets are big enough for a phone, but I wouldn't trust that a phone would not fall out while running. The zip pocket is large enough for a couple of gels and a car key. The 2.25" inseam is short, but I still felt sufficiently covered while running. I will stick with my short tights for hard workouts, but these are great easy day shorts. Like the Performance Tank, these shorts are perfect for casual wear in addition to workouts. The Elastane keeps them from getting wrinkled after sitting in the car and I loved the Desert Rose Heather color I received. Overall, I am very pleased with the versatility of the Halo Performance Short and will definitely get a lot of use out of mine, both for running and everyday wear.


Fit: (fits true to size, comfortable drawstring waistband, wider leg openings keep material away from thighs)
Performance: A 
(DreamKnit fabric wicks well, does not chafe, and pockets provide needed storage)
Comfort: A (typical soft and comfortable Vuori fabric, bonus that the shorts do not wrinkle easily)
Overall: (a versatile pair of shorts for running and casual wear)

Men's Kore Shorts
Price: $68 at Running Warehouse

Materials: 79% Recycled Polyester, 44% Polyester, 10% Elastane

Bach: The first thing I noticed about the Kore shorts is the quality and softness of the material. Inside and out, the Kore shorts feel incredible in hand and when worn. The shorts are on the longer end at 7.5 in, making them feel best for easy days and slower long runs. The fit is true to size and sits comfortably on the waist. The boxer brief liner is very thin and does a good job of keeping you dialed in without being very noticeable. The shorts also do a fine job of wicking moisture and staying relatively dry. Everyone is different here, but for me I have been able to get at least three runs in the Kore shorts before feeling the absolute need to get it in the laundry due to its odor protection and quick dry material.

The Kore shorts do also come in 5' in case you want something that's a bit more of a performer, but the regular Kore shorts are easy day heroes. They also make for excellent lounge wear and would be great for park days or immediate errands after a run. I also appreciate the variety of pockets in the Kore shorts, including a key pocket in the rear. Some shorts don't have the integrity to hold a phone, but these have enough integrity in case you want to use these for walking and errands on the run.

Fit: (Very comfortable fit. Sits well on waist and stays out of the way)
Performance: B+
(Slightly limited to easy days due to length, but a really comfortable pair on the run)
Comfort: A (Material is soft and has remained durable after many washes)
Overall: A

Men's Strato Tech Tank
Price: $48 at Running Warehouse

79% Recycled Polyamide, 21% Elastane 

Exceptionally soft is the theme of today's conversation about Vuori, and the best way to describe every inch of the Strato Tech Tank. The feeling is immediate when you put it on. While luxurious immediately on the early portion of your run, the one bad thing about the Strato is that it is not the best at moisture wicking, becoming slightly heavier on a longer effort especially. The soft material becomes slightly saturated, retaining a portion of the moisture it tries to wick away.  It does dry out quickly after a run when hung in the warm summer sun as though.

The tank fits slightly large, but still true to size. It has provided no chafing issues with the super soft material. My biggest recommendation would be to check out the Strato Tech Shirt, which uses the same material, but will be better for Spring/Fall running when the weather is not unbearable and you just want a highly, highly comfortable tee for your daily mileage. I can't understate how comfortable the material is, but in the humid, hot South Carolina sun I really have been gravitating to tank tops that do a better job at wicking moisture above all else.

Fit: B (Runs a little long and loose. If possible, try a half size down)
Performance: B
(Though soft and comfortable, does not as much moisture as I hope during humid summer runs)
Comfort: A (Extremely soft material. No chafing issues, and has remained consistent fitting after many washes)
Overall: B+

Men's Tradewind Performance Short Sleeve
Price: $48 at Running Warehouse
Materials: 89
% Recycled Polyester, 11% Spandex

The Vuori Tradewind Performance Short Sleeve shirt is an incredibly versatile piece of apparel. The shirt has aesthetics that easily blends with lifestyle wear, but also provides breathability and performance sensation. This a shirt that I have had no problem matching 10 mile runs with other running company apparel. This material is lightweight and has a nice balance of softness and synthetic performance feel. The dimensions of the shirt fit well and are balanced throughout without being "fitted" in any specific regions. The shirt fits like a nice lifestyle shirt but breathes like a performance shirt. I have used this for quite a few uses including running, hiking, lifestyle, and anything in hot environments. 

Fit: A- (The fit is really good for a shirt that can be worn for lifestyle, though does have some slight movement when running or doing athletics, but this is me being picky. It's a good piece.)
Performance: A 
(A wonderful blend of comfort and performance)
Comfort: A (The material sits really well on the skin and breathes well in a large variety of environments.)
Overall: A-/A

Men's Strato Tech Polo
Price: $64 at Running Warehouse
96% Polyester, 4% Elastane

The Men's Strato Tech Polo is the softest piece of apparel I have ever worn. It has a true-to-size fit that feels like it has just a little extra room, yet still hugs my body well. The material stretches well with a variety of movements whether you are moving fast or slow. It does run fairly warm, making the Strato Tech Polo potentially better for cooler or air-conditioned environments. It does wick moisture but tends to hold on to sweat initially. Fortunately, the material dries extremely quickly but may be better for those who don't sweat as much. Use-wise the Strato Tech polo easily doubles as a piece of apparel that works for easy runs, gym/strength workouts and casual wear. If you work in an environment that allows polos, this is a great choice for comfort and freedom of movement. The slightly warmer feel makes it better for easier runs rather than extremely hard efforts. Overall, the Strato Tech Polo is an incredibly comfortable piece of activewear that can handle a variety of settings, particularly in slightly cooler environments. 

David: The Men's Strato Tech Polo is a balanced polo that dabbles between comfort and athleticism. The material itself is really soft, breathes decently, and has some stretch to it (so if its tucked in you can still be mobile). The Strato Tech Polo can certainly handle activity but does still run a tad warm if you are doing something like running in it. Being a PT and constantly mobile in the clinic this polo does perfectly. Even in a gym setting with lifts and light sweat the polo performs really well. It is more the continuous efforts that really heat up the body where this polo does a good job for a polo, but not quite as good as say a performance shirt. For being a shirt that balances professionalism and athletic lifestyle I think it certainly creates an exciting option. The polo leans professionalism but does have activity capabilities. The dimensions are pretty sound and fit true to size, if not a tad fitted in the chest and shoulders. Overall an excellent option.

Fit: (Stretchy material that fits true to size and still hugs you in a secure way)
Performance: B 
(Flexible for a variety of movements, but runs on the warm side)
Comfort: A (The softest material I have ever had on my skin)
Overall: A-/B+

Fit: A- (Hugs the chest and shoulders nicely, though a little flowy in the mid section in comparison. Overall really good fit. )
Performance: B 
(Very professional, does great with light activity or mobile work, though still a little warm for genuine sport or athletic efforts)
Comfort: A (Really soft and comfortable with good stretch that doesn't restrict motion)
Overall: A-/B+

Men's Fleet Pant
Price: $118 at Running Warehouse

Materials: 96% Polyester, 4% Elastane

Matt: The Fleet Pant is a performance running pant for those who want something to keep their legs covered during runs and casual wear. A slightly baggy fit with some additional stretchy provides plenty of room and mobility for a variety of leg motions. I found the waistband began to slip downwards if I did not tighten the waistband. This makes these pants best for easy jogs and casual use, as running faster makes it move a bit too much. The 29" inseam is slightly short on me in my normal men's medium for pants. Lateral motion and mobility is quite good as I was able to use these in clinic without issue performing a variety of exercises and movements. Those looking for a pant that can double for the gym may enjoy the Fleet pant.

Despite some mild sizing issues above, the material is extremely good at moisture wicking and drying. I was able to use these during a short lunch run from work and not only did they dry quickly, but they also didn't smell. The material is soft and comfortable against bare skin and I have had no chaffing despite 10-12 hours days in these.

The pockets are one of the best features of these pants. There is a rear zipper pocket and two soft-lined pockets on the sides that also each have an additional zippered pocket inside them. With technically five pockets total, there is tons of space to carry items. However, this is somewhat limited by the wider fit at the waistband, so these will need to be lighter items for these pants to stay up.

Overall, this has become a go-to casual pant, run commute and clinic pant for me. It is extremely comfortable, making it great for post-run lounging and getting things done. Those wanting a little more volume should go true to size but know you might have to tighten down the waistband if you want more security.

Fit: B+ (Slightly baggy but comfortable fit. Needed to tighten waistband)
Performance: B 
(Best for casual use and easy-paced runs, tons of great pockets)
Comfort: A (Extremely comfortable on the run, in the clinic and for casual wear)
Overall: B+ 


Shop Vuori at Running Warehouse

Lux Performance Tank | $44
Halo Performance Short | $64
Kore Shorts | $68
Strata Tech Singlet | $48
Tradewind Performance Tee | $48
Strata Tech Polo | $64
Fleet Pant | $118


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