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Holy cow, it's AUGUST!? July was one of the busiest months in the history of Doctors of Running. We launched our big Tempus week, shared a lot of exciting podcasts we've been eager to discuss, and dropped a few features we're super excited to have out for your viewing pleasure. Let's dip back into July and take a look at the top ten things you should check out.
Ten Things To Check Out From July 2022
at Doctors of Running

1. Our Trip to Boston

It was tough to keep underwraps til July, but we finally got a chance to share all of our fun content from our trip to Saucony Headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. Saucony brought the team in to discuss the all-new Tempus and have some really fun discussions about shoe design. We not only had a great time talking with the team, but also following up with two amazing podcast conversations with Andrea Paulson and Cory Hofmann about the Tempus and how they test shoes in-house.

Find photos, podcasts, and more from our trip here:

2. DOR Giving, July 2022: ALS Association

Each month at DOR starting in 2022, a member of our team selects a charity of their choice to donate 10% of our monthly profits to. This month we're donating to the ALS Association.

ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. There is no cure for ALS yet. Established in 1985, The ALS Association is the only national nonprofit organization fighting ALS on every front. By leading the way in global research, providing assistance for people with ALS through a nationwide network of chapters, coordinating multidisciplinary care through certified clinical care centers, and fostering government partnerships,
The Association builds hope and enhances quality of life while aggressively searching for new treatments and a cure.

This month we were able to send 10% of earnings - $241.57 - to the ALS Association. Learn more and donate at
If you decide to donate, please let us know! We'd love to give you a shoutout.

3. The Run Retail Episode

We've been talking about doing this episode for months now. The Run Retail Episode, our latest podcast, drops a lot of information for both runners and retail store workers alike. Matt and Andrea dive into things to consider as you go in and start picking out your next running shoe. They also provide some good baseline rules to think about to help make sure you have the best experience possible.

Listen on the run here:

4. "Made from Good Decisions"

In our third installment of the DOR Sustainability Project, we spoke with Richard Rusling and Dominic Sinnott, two of the three cofounders of Zen Running Club. The new brand based out of the UK is focused on creating performance footwear with the future in mind. Using a lot of plant-based ingredients, their first offering - the ZR-01 - features a eucalyptus upper, sugarcane midsole, castor bean insole, and natural rubber outsole, making it one of the market's most natural shoes out now.

Learn more about their work in our interview here:

5. Ask Me Another

We get a lot of questions at Doctors of Running. We usually try to answer as many as we can individually, but this past month we decided to take this up a notch and start our first monthly DOR Q&A series. The series lets us answer a lot of popular questions we get each month to share with the everyone. In our first Q&A round-up, we touch on everything from injury prevention to favorite footwear.

Check it out here:

6. Monthly Q&A: Hip Pain and Footwear

Question: Hey guys, regular reader and listener here. I have a question regarding lateral hip pain while running and shoe choice.  I recently developed strong lateral pain on my right hip a few minutes into a run as I was training for an upcoming trail race, after a week of intense (maybe too much) uphill and downhill work and lower body strengh training.  For context, I'm a 26 y/o male, about 140 lb, and a happy heel striker. 

I've since received two conflicting diagnoses from MDs and physical therapists: a trochanteric bursitis related to gluteus medius overload, or IT band syndrome. I have a variety of shoes, but I had been running mostly in rockered, low drop Hokas (Arahi 5, Mach 4, Speedgoat 5).  After a couple weeks of rest and hip/glute/leg strenthening work with a physical therapist and strength trainer who I trust, I'm slowly starting to run again, pain-free.  As I continue to rehab, I wonder what type of shoes might be beneficial and which not.  I've gravitated towards my non-rockered, higher drop shoes, namely the Saucony Hurricane 23 and Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21, just because they're different from the Hokas. 

So, my question is twofold: 

1) Tips on how to differentiate a trochanteric bursitis from IT band syndrome lateral hip pain, or how to manage conflicting diagnoses in general
2) What shoe factors (rockered/non rockered, drop) might help or otherwise aggravate while recovering from lateral hip pain? 

I hope this wasn't too specific or long. Keep up the great work!

Answer: Lateral Hip pain can have many sources. It can be from a bursitis, a gluteus medius irritation, referred spine pain and many more. I want to encourage you to not worry about the diagnosis as much. The diagnosis is often a symptom of a true problem source, which is often lateral hip muscle weakness, compensatory core muscle weakness or a hip drop type movement impairment.  

So to answer your questions: 

1. You are always going to get conflicting diagnosis. Even if you get imaging, everyone is going to have their own opinion. If it is getting better and improving with strengthening and easing into activity again, I would not worry about what exactly it is. Focus on strengthening and leaning from this (ie careful of overtraining, sleep, nutrition, etc all the factors that play into an injury).  

2. The shoe that will work best for you is going to be individual. If you are having hip pain, it may be best to avoid excessively rockered shoes since those put more pressure/work into your hips. None rockered, guidance based shoes like the Adrenaline, Saucony Tempus, or firmer shoes like the On Cloudrunner/Cloudflyer may work. Be cautious with shoes that have excessive lateral midsole flare or aggressive stability shoes as being push too far in or out can be irritating for the lateral hip. 

Hope that helps!

- Matt Klein

7. 47mm of Stack Height

When we got the SuperComp Trainer in, a part of us was wondering how none of us really had this on our radar until it reached our hands. This quiet monster of the New Balance line is a gamechanger for folks looking for a super maximal recovery shoe. We had the unique opportunity to speak with New Balance's Danny Orr and Ethan Steiner to learn more about how this shoe came to life.

Read our review here:

Find our full podcast here:

8. Current Shoe Deals at Running Warehouse

Our friends at Running Warehouse have some really cool deals going on right now for folks looking for everything daily trainers to their next racing shoe. Here are a few of our favorites we've spotted. Note: the following are affiliate links that support Doctors of Running.

Hoka Mach 4
Deal: $99
| Review

One of our favorite shoes of 2021 for an outstanding price.

Adidas Adios 6
Deal: $59.88
| Review

The Adidas Adios 6 features a snappy forefoot and exciting performance training ride.

Asics Evoride 2
Deal: $79.88
| Review

The Evoride 2 quietly passed a lot of radars last year, but provides a smooth training experience that can pick up the pace.

9. Extra Cushioning for Your Feet | Running Gadget of the Month

Feetures Socks
Prices Vary,
Running Warehouse

Keep your feet protected. How useful can high quality socks really be, you ask? Feetures was my first true running sock, and one that totally changed how I thought about socks in tandem with footwear. Feetures features a high density cotton which A. provides an excellent softness on foot and B. keeps your feet dry and surprisingly dialed in to your shoe. There's a touch of gripiness to feetures which really helps you feel more connected. The socks have good airflow as well and a really nice fit. The no-shows are also one of the very few that I've owned has never slipped in the two years that I've used them. They've been plenty durable and will get tons of value in your running lineup. I like to have a variety of thickness in my socks to help with different shoe fits, which I appreciate I can get from them whether I need an "Ultra Light" thin sock or a maximal cushioned sock to help a slightly sloppy fit. Socks can make a world of difference when a shoe is ever so close to fitting just right, getting you over or under that hump and on your way to happy running. - Social Media Manager Bach Pham

10. Underrated

Each month we have a shoe feel gets reviewed but goes a little under the radar. The Cloudrunner from On Running is the epitome of under the radar. Labeled as a mild stability shoe, the mechanics - while numerous - are mild, lending to what feels like a really stable neutral offering that will work for a very large set of runners, especially newcomers wanting a reliable shoe to get started with. On did a great job at balancing it's strengths with a nice density of foam underneath to offer a solid daily training option we think will hit well with many.

Find our full review here:

Coming Soon at DOR

This August we'll have a lot of fun features coming up, including the a big follow-up to our hydration guide we launched in June. We'll also be featuring our mid-year financial report and look forward to a huge milestone on our team - the 100th podcast episode of the DOR Virtual Roundtable. Stay tuned, and thanks so much for sticking with us here. 

A New Way to Support DOR!

A lot of folks have asked how they can support us, but for years we decided not to offer the option. We decided to finally cave this year though as we looked at all the unique projects we are taking on and decided to open a Ko-Fi account for anyone interested in supporting our work. Thanks so much!


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