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DOR Podcast #81: The Three Questions We Get Asked All The Time

At the roundtable today, Nate, Matt, and DJ discuss the three questions their asked most often as shoe reviewers and physical therapists: How does X shoe fit and is it responsive? How stable is X shoe? And what shoe would you recommend for a certain condition or pain? Also, they take an in depth look at Asics's latest update to the classic neutral daily trainer Gel-Cumulus 24.

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This episode is sponsored by Running Warehouse! 

We have been long time friends and fans of Running Warehouse and are very excited to have them sponsor today's podcast. Right now they are having a Spring Savings event at, featuring Hoka, Nike, and one of our favorite shoes of the past year: the Kinvara 12. Also this week, the new Hoka Speedgoat 5 [Review] and much talked about On Cloudmonster have arrived! We absolutely loved testing the Speedgoat 5 recently. Anyone looking to do long miles on the trail will find much to love.

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Naked Belt - DJ's favorite way to carry all his gels and phone during the run
Ciele Hat - Nathan's favorite running hat of all time
Coffee Flavored Skratch Labs -
Matt's favorite way to recovery post run and get a morning jolt
Janji Mercury Track Pants - Social Media Manager Bach's absolute favorite cool weather pants. Soft, durable, and well-fitting with great zip pockets.


0:00 - Introduction
1:18 - DOR Giving: Alzheimer's Association
5:46 - The Subjective: What's your favorite long run shoe?
14:03 - Asics Cumulus 24 Review
40:38 - The three questions we get asked the most as shoe reviewers
42:15 - How does this shoe fit? And is it responsive?
46:30 - How stable is X shoe?
58:34 - What's the best shoe for a certain pain or condition?
1:06:37 - Wrap up 

Science Blog:
The Strength of Triangles
By Social Media Wizard Bach Pham

Have you ever noticed how bridges are built with triangular designs? Or seen structures like the Eiffel Tower or EPCOT which features layers and layers of small triangles throughout? Triangles form a perfect shape that’s rigid and difficult to flex without enormous pressure. It is a simple shape to form, and when layered creates a very structured design. 

We speak of triangles because we’ve seen them in a few shoes recently, particularly in the outsoles like the New Balance RC Elite V1 and the Asics Tartheredge series. Both feature triangular pods that act much like trail shoe lugs to create an extremely strong hold to the ground. They offer not only incredibly sure grip to the road, but because of their triangular shape, provide a great amount of motion control in any direction you are running, whether turning a sharp corner or weaving in between runners thanks to the triangles being able to angle in any direction you need. This makes shoes like the original RC Elite and Tartheredge incredibly durable for extremely wet road races. 

We’ve seen the supportive qualities of triangles in other places like the Novablast 2. The Novablast 2 has a very distinct design to their midsole with this triangular wedge pattern scattered throughout the entirety of the heel and midfoot. Aesthetically it looks cool, but functionally the foam design does seem to have some impact on the ride. By having the foam decoupled in multiple regions throughout like that, the foam can compress and interact with the remainder of the platform much more uniquely. The foam almost acts like it is decoupled; it can compress as individual units throughout for slightly more stability, rather than one single block of midsole with no ridges.

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